Capacity Building Institute

Two PEERs Capacity Building Institutes (CBIs) have been hosted on the UW Campus. The most recent event was held on June 7, 2013 with remarks from Dr. Ana Mari Cauce, Provost and PEERs PI. The event included a question and answer session with six PEERs Leaders and extended small group discussion sessions about diversity across the UW campus. Leaders from across campus attended the CBI to learn about the PEERs model and brainstorm ways in which diversity efforts could be strengthened and expanded at UW. Please see the CBI proceedings here.

The first CBI took place on April 28, 2009 with remarks from Dr. Phyllis Wise, Provost and PEERs PI; Thomas Calhoun, Assistant Dean of Student and Academic Services (SAS); and Sapna Cheryan, Assistant Professor of Psychology and Co-PI. Diversity topics related to the University of Washington were addressed in small-group discussions. Leaders and program directors in the College of Engineering attended the event.

The CBIs offer a forum to illustrate the impact of bias related to the four program objectives of PEERs:

1) raise awareness of unconscious and implicit biases toward underrepresented students;

2) promote actions both majority and underrepresented students and faculty can take to counteract these biases to cultivate a more welcoming and success-promoting climate;

3) cultivate change agents among both student and faculty bodies; and

4) build a foundation and collaboration mechanisms for future efforts to make STEM and other programs campus-wide welcoming and accessible to underrepresented students.