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Spring 2018 Edition

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A friendly looking robot clad in wood with a touch screen

A robot confidant

EMAR is a robot being developed by UW researchers to better understand teen stress and emotional well-being.

Jim Holmes standing in the Ciel vineyard in winter

Rooted in engineering

A Washington wine industry pioneer, alumnus Jim Holmes shares how he established a world-renowned vineyard thanks to engineering.

Sierra Simmerman, Ashley Piggott and Madison Johnson tweak one of the club’s 3D printers

Open access

Airplanes? Fossils? Health care? Whatever you’re into, the WOOF 3D Print Club wants to show you how it can benefit from 3D printing.

Advancing augmented and virtual reality

The UW Reality Lab will develop next-generation virtual and augmented reality technologies and educate an industry workforce.

Inspiring future engineers

As Clean Energy Institute outreach ambassador, ChemE grad student Gabriella Tosado encourages K-12 students statewide to pursue engineering and science.

Plastic communication

Imagine a laundry detergent bottle that can sense when you’re running low on soap — and automatically connect to the internet to order more.


UW and Microsoft researchers want to store your photos in DNA for the benefit of science – and future generations.

Accelerating research at the nanoscale

The new Institute for Nano-Engineered Systems brings together researchers in nanoscale science and engineering with industry partners and entrepreneurs.

2018 Diamond Awards

Please us in honoring six alumni and friends for their outstanding achievements.


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