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Industry & alumni

Industry-Sponsored Student Capstone Projects


In the 2021/22 academic year the industry capstone program was supported by 62 sponsors and 95 real-world projects. Over four hundred students from across the College of Engineering participated. Scroll down to learn more about each project.


Volansi NextGen Autopilot and Backplane

Volansi logistics drones are currently used to support an initiative that is trying to provide healthcare (vaccines, medicines, etc.) to areas where it is needed most, such as rural and natural disaster areas. Current models of Volansi drones are not optimized for drone operators who are not trained engineers and rough operating conditions where heat and vibration are large factors. The student team developed modular backplane and autopilot boards to ease drone repair in the field and ensure the durability of drones in all environments.

Wyze Labs, Inc.

AI Video Captioning

The student team explored technical solution of video captioning for indoor home scenarios, video content understanding by bridging visual and language information and leveraging video data to generate captions to describe the semantic content in video recordings. The team worked to do in-depth research on academia-leading solutions on video captioning and apply state-of-the-art methods to build machine learning models to generate descriptions on Wyze device captured videos. The model and software developed will be used to create meaningful captions that help users monitor their daily events and identify solutions that need their attention.

Wyze Labs, Inc.

Fine-Grain Object Recognition Using Wyze Cam

Network cameras are used widely in both consumer and industrial applications, and some advanced features like Machine Learning tagging can help to provide insights into the video streams. However, the current content-based tagging solutions can only generate high-level labels like a car, person or pet instead of specific subordinate categories from these high-level labels. The student team worked to provide a more informative image tagging solution by investigating the application of fine-grained object recognition for dog breeds in network cameras.

Wyze Labs, Inc.

Wyze Places: Android and iOS Apps for New Smart Home Interactions

Powered by Wyze, the Kirkland-based tech start-up specializing in innovative and accessible smart home products, the Wyze Places project presents a new alternative to smart home applications' conventional list-based depiction of devices. Instead, Wyze Places' map interface gives users a visual understanding of device locations and statuses within a space, providing visual context for improved usability. Through the design, development, and testing of both Android and iOS mobile applications, Wyze Places enables the enhancement of smart home user experiences and device interactions within the Internet of Things.


Web Tool for Testing Environmental Conditions and Procedures for Airborne Equipment

Aircraft equipment is subjected to a wide range of environmental conditions throughout the products' lifetime. THe DO160g is a standard produced by RTCA (Radio Technical Commission for Aeronautics) that defines environmental test procedures and test conditions for aircraft hardware. The student team will develop a software program with a graphic user interface that provides test parameter metrics and test data validation based on specific equipment category and applicable test section.