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Volansi NextGen Autopilot and Backplane

Volansi logistics drones are currently used to support an initiative that is trying to provide healthcare (vaccines, medicines, etc.) to areas where it is needed most, such as rural and natural disaster areas. Current models of Volansi drones are not optimized for drone operators who are not trained engineers and rough operating conditions where heat and vibration are large factors. The student team developed modular backplane and autopilot boards to ease drone repair in the field and ensure the durability of drones in all environments.

Faculty Adviser

M.P. Anant Anantram, Professor; Photonics and Nano Devices, Electrical & Computer Engineering

Payman Arabshahi, Associate Professor, UW ECE, Electrical & Computer Engineering


Ankur Wagh
Clayton Thomas
Hollis Chen
Waiz Khan