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Industry & alumni

Wyze Labs, Inc.

Wyze Places: Android and iOS Apps for New Smart Home Interactions

Powered by Wyze, the Kirkland-based tech start-up specializing in innovative and accessible smart home products, the Wyze Places project presents a new alternative to smart home applications' conventional list-based depiction of devices. Instead, Wyze Places' map interface gives users a visual understanding of device locations and statuses within a space, providing visual context for improved usability. Through the design, development, and testing of both Android and iOS mobile applications, Wyze Places enables the enhancement of smart home user experiences and device interactions within the Internet of Things.

Faculty Adviser

Payman Arabshahi, Associate Professor, UW ECE, Electrical & Computer Engineering

Arindam Das, Affiliate Associate Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering


Allen Zhou
Florence Atienza
Jeremy Cao
Jimmy Wei
Jooa Lee