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Internship Program

Get hands-on experience in your field, get paid and potentially earn credits toward your degree.

Internships serve as a critical experience for students to apply their in classroom learning to a real world experience. Students that participate in a structured internship program may be eligible to receive credit through the College of Engineering. Some Engineering departments allow students to apply their internship credit to their degree requirements. Available to both undergraduate (ENGR 321) & graduate (ENGR 601) students alike, gaining credit helps to provide structure to ensure that students leave their internship with relevant, meaningful experience. Students registered in these courses do not pay full tuition in order to keep their student status and benefits.

Steps to Gaining Internship Credit

  1. Find an internship that qualifies using resources such as HuskyJobs and other online search engines, Career Fairs and networking.
  2. Apply for credit by filling out the registration form. You will then receive the course "add code" and attend an Internship Info Session to obtain additional information.
  3. Complete and submit the assignments.

For more assistance and/or guidance, visit the CC@E or e-mail

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