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Internship program

Get hands-on experience in your field, get paid and earn credits toward your degree.

Internships serve as a critical experience for students to apply their in classroom learning to a real world experience. Engineering students who participate in a structured internship program may be eligible to receive credit through the College of Engineering. Engineering departments allow students to apply their internship credit to their degree requirements. Available to both undergraduate (via ENGR 321) and graduate (via ENGR 601) students alike, gaining credit helps to provide structure to ensure that students leave their internship with relevant, meaningful experience. Students registered in these courses do not pay full tuition; they keep their student status and benefits.

Steps to earning course credit for an internship


QuarterRegistration opensPriority deadlineFinal deadline
Autumn 2023August 14September 25October 6
Winter 2024October 30January 2January 12
Spring 2024February 12March 25April 6
Summer 2024April 15June 17June 28
  1. Obtain an internship that is at least 50% engineering-related.
    Use resources such as Handshake and other online search engines, career fairs and networking.
  2. Apply for credit by filling out the registration form:
    1. When registration is open, find the link in the table above.
    2. After submitting all of your supporting information, including an offer letter, CC@E staff will manually register you for the appropriate section (students are unable to add themselves to the course).
    3. Once you are registered, pay the course fee via MyUW.

    If you need CPT, please complete the registration form (from Step 2 above) first, followed by the CPT application.
    • Ensure that the department adviser is "Michael More"
    • Ensure that the department adviser's email address is
    • Please allow 15 BUSINESS days for processing; ISS will send you an e-mail when your updated I-20 is ready for pickup
  4. Complete and submit the internship assignments.

For more assistance and/or guidance, visit the CC@E or email

Fee Structure

Domestic students

ClassWorkRegister forFee
UndergradPart‑timeENGR 321 (1 credit)$196
UndergradFull‑timeENGR 321 (2 credits, full-time status)$392
GradPart‑timeENGR 601 (5 credits)$295
GradFull‑timeENGR 601 (10 credits)$590

*Full-time means "21+ work hours per week"

International students

ClassWorkTermRegister forFee
UndergradPart‑timeSummer/VacationENGR 321 (1 credit)$196
UndergradFull‑timeSummer/VacationENGR 321 (2 credits)$392
GradPart‑timeSummer/VacationENGR 601 (5 credits)$295
GradFull‑timeSummer/VacationENGR 601 (10 credits)$590
UndergradPart‑timeAcademic YearENGR 321 (1 credit)$196
UndergradFull‑timeAcademic YearENGR 321 (2 credits)
+ ENGR 320 (10 credits)
GradPart‑timeAcademic YearENGR 601 (5 credits)$295
GradFull‑timeAcademic YearENGR 601 (10 credits)$590

*Full-time means "21+ work hours per week"