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Meet the Student Academic Services team

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Portrait of Shanai

Shanai ("Shuh-NAY") Lechtenberg   she/her pronouns
Senior Director, Student Academic Services

portrait of Dana

Dana ("DAY-nuh") Pierson  she/her pronouns
Office Support Supervisor

Advising and student engagement

Lauren Fryhle Picture

Lauren ("LOR-en") Fryhle   she/her pronouns
Associate Director of Advising & Student Engagement

I began my first year in undergrad as a Husky both excited and a little overwhelmed by the seemingly endless options that exist at a school of this size! I had to work up some courage to put myself out there, but once I did I found really amazing individuals and communities who helped shape my time at UW and to this day still give me support. The experiences I had teaching and mentoring here as well as abroad helped me discover that I find energy in helping empower others to reach their goals. I really love connecting with people and learning from others' life stories.

My goal is to be a sounding board and source of support for students as they navigate their own educational journeys. I recognize that academics are just one piece of the larger, often complex college experience, and strive to really get to know my advisees well so that I can be the best possible partner and advocate for them. I value the different perspectives each student brings that are shaped by their unique experiences and identities.

I enjoy spending my free time exploring new places with friends and family, whether it be the streets and culture of a neighborhood or foreign country, or a trail in the mountains. I also love to dance, see live music, and binge on berries! To my advisees: I can’t wait to meet you!

Allie Carpenter Picture

Allie ("AL-ee") Carpenter   she/her pronouns
Lead Academic Adviser

I was born and raised in Ohio and completed my undergraduate degree from Ohio University with a double major in Mathematics and Sociology. Initially, I was intent on becoming a teacher, but after my first teaching course I realized it wasn’t for me. I knew I wanted to finish my mathematics degree but fell in love with sociology and studying how humans interact, make meaning, and engage with one another. This ultimately led me to pursue my Masters in Higher Education from the University of Denver and a passion for academic advising.

I remember being a Junior at Ohio University and feeling uncertain about my future and what I would do after leaving Athens, Ohio. However, the curriculum and degrees I completed gave me critical and analytical thinking skills along with the jobs, mentors, goals, and experiences to be successful. My experiences at Ohio U guided me towards my passion for advising students and I have never looked back! I am excited to help you explore your interests, goals, and values as you navigate your experience here at the University of Washington! Go Huskies!

Jessica Par headshot

Jessica ("JEH-see-kuh") Par   she/her pronouns
Senior Academic Adviser

Born and raised in Chin State, Myanmar (formerly known as Burma), I am a proud first-generation college graduate from UW! While I was nervous and excited to come to UW, my undergraduate experience is filled with amazing memories and meaningful connections that will last me a lifetime. I studied Education and was very involved with student support services when I was a student here, naturally leading me to a career in higher education. To my advisees, I am excited to connect and support you as you navigate the campus and resources here. In my free time, I enjoy listening to music, binge (or re-) watching my favorite shows/movies and eating good food!

Megan Wong headshot

Megan (“MEG-en”) Wong   she/her pronouns
Peer Adviser

  • 014 Loew

Name: Megan Wong

Pronouns: she/her

Area(s) of Impact of interest: Health and medicine; Air and Space; Environment, Sustainability, and Energy

Major: Chemical Engineering

Why did you decide to become a peer adviser? Through being a part of the Engineering Peer Educator program for the past two years and going through the ENGRUD process myself, I have noticed how many unique challenges can arise for every individual. The high school to college transition was also something I struggled with a lot. I’ve loved being able to problem-solve and brainstorm with other students, and I have learned so much through hearing other experiences and perspectives at UW. I’m excited to share any insight and connect you to various resources on campus, help with course registration, share ways to explore your interests, and be a continued resource to you through the rest of the year!

ENGR-related classes taken at UW: ENGR 297 (through UW Solar, an RSO), ChemE 299 (Undergrad Research), ENGR 105 (now ENGR 202), ENGR 401, ChemE 498 (both ChemE Careers and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in ChemE), CSE 160, ChemE 355 (Bio for engineers), ChemE 310 (Material and Energy Balances), ChemE 375 (ChemE computer skills), ChemE 325/326 (Thermodynamics), ChemE 456 (Quantum Mechanics), ChemE 330/340 (Fluid and Heat Transport), ChemE 341 (Energy and Environment), ChemE 434 (Physiological Transport)

Favorite non-ENGR classes: ENGL 182 (Multimodal Composition- we made podcasts based on Sherlock Holmes stories!), HSERV 230 (Sleep and Population Health- a lack of sleep is as bad as drunk driving!), MEDCH 327 (The Science of Drugs- really cool application of Organic Chemistry)

Extracurricular involvement: American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AiChE), Undergraduate Research, Engineering Peer Educators; past involvement in UW Solar, Society of Women Engineers, PEERs

Add’l interests: Hiking, backpacking, anything outdoors (please come talk about PNW exploring with me!), the Mariners and Seahawks, grabbing boba with friends, watching TV

Tidbit of advice for ENGRUDs: Take advantage of resources on campus! Whether it’s academic related (like study centers or the Engineering Academic Center), mental health related (Peer Health Educators, the Counseling Center, etc.), or professors and advisers (Quick Questions and office hours are your friends!), there are so many ways to get help when you’re struggling, and they’re always ready for when you want to start trying them out :)

Engineering Academic Center

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Sheldon  (“SHEL-dun”) Levias   he/him pronouns
Associate Director, Engineering Academic Center (EAC)

Lynne Spencer

Lynne ("Lin") Spencer  she/her pronouns
Lead Engineering Educational Specialist, Engineering Academic Center (EAC)

Peter Brodkin

Peter ("PEE-ter") Brodkin  he/him pronouns
Engineering Educational Specialist, Engineering Academic Center (EAC)

Recruitment & outreach

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Eli ("EE-lie") Williams  he/him pronouns
Recruitment and Youth Engagement Program Manager

I grew up in a small beach town in California, and completed both my BA in English and MA in Education at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. In my first year of college, I struggled with imposter syndrome: a feeling that I wasn't as cool, smart, or capable as everyone around me. But getting involved on campus helped me build self-confidence and a community of support. I attribute a lot of my success as a student to the peer leaders and mentors I had the privilege of befriending. Now, I've dedicated my career to creating those transformative relationships for others. I'm deeply passionate about developing emerging leaders, and empowering success for each new generation of students.

When I'm not at work, I love reading good books, seeing live comedy and theater, and exploring all the culture, coffee, and good food Seattle has to offer!