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Researchers using computer

Investing in innovation

The intersection of engineering and neuroscience promises great advances in health care. The UW is establishing itself as a global leader in the field, spurred on by investments in faculty and cutting-edge research.

Students at career fair

Career connectivity

The Career Center @ Engineering connects engineering students and employers. The Center is a collaboration between the UW Career Center and the College of Engineering, and it has served thousands of students since opening two years ago.

STARS students

Aiming for the STARS

STARS gives students from disadvantaged backgrounds a “redshirt” year to increase the number who graduate with engineering degrees. Three students from the first cohort have completed the program, and their engineering degrees, in just four years.

Lecture series speakers

2017 Engineering Lecture Series

This autumn, the College of Engineering presents three lectures by our distinguished faculty on fake news, smart cities and data in DNA.

UW researchers with 3-D microscope

3-D microscope can examine biopsies and scan tumors during surgery

A new UW microscope could provide real-time results during cancer-removal surgeries, potentially preventing women from having to undergo multiple lumpectomy surgeries because cancerous breast tissue is missed the first time.

Inside a battery-free cellphone

First battery-free cellphone makes calls by harvesting ambient power

UW engineers have designed the first battery-free cellphone that can send and receive calls using power harvested from ambient radio signals or light. It’s a major step forward in moving beyond chargers and dying phones.

Drone carrying package

Drone vs. truck deliveries: Which create less carbon pollution?

A new study finds that drone deliveries emit less climate-warming carbon dioxide pollution than truck deliveries in some — but not all — scenarios.

New faculty collage

New faculty join College of Engineering

This year, the UW College of Engineering has attracted 14 outstanding new faculty members to our departments. We are excited to have these distinguished professors join our community of innovators.