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Two people in t-shirts and swimming trunks underwater in a tank holding smartphones in flexible waterproof cases. One of the smartphone screens is visible, displaying the AquaApp interface with text and graphics depicting various diving hand signals.

Tue, 09/06/2022 | Allen School News

Underwater messaging app

Allen School researchers bring first underwater messaging app to smartphones.

CEE Ph.D. student Dan McCabe standing next to a bike inside of a food bank

Tue, 09/06/2022 | UW Civil & Environmental Engineering

The power of pedaling

Engineering graduate student Dan McCabe is working to improve bicycle-powered emergency food response.

Protest participants marching toward camera with arms in the air, featuring a black sign with chalk drawing of raised fist and text "Say Their Names" and "#BlackLivesMatter" that one marcher is holding above their head. Only the forehead, hands and wrists of the sign holder is visible.

Thu, 09/01/2022 | Allen School News

Social media narratives and emotions

Allen School researchers' analysis of #BlackLivesMatter social media content points to the power of positive positivity in online activism and large-scale social movements.

Bronze W with trees in the background

Mon, 08/29/2022 | UW Industrial & Systems Engineering

Industry capstone advances innovation

An Industrial & Systems Engineering capstone project developed in partnership with Snohomish County, WA, will provide the county with an estimated $70,000 savings annually.

Collage of four people headshots

Thu, 08/25/2022 | UW Bioengineering

Global collaboration

Remote study during the pandemic led to a creative approach to learning for four bioengineering undergraduates, who partnered with five students in Taiwan on exosomes research.

Closeup of hands with purple gloves holding a stretchable device

Mon, 08/22/2022 | UW Mechanical Engineering

Powering wearable electronics

UW researchers have developed a stretchable thermoelectric device that converts body heat to electricity to power wearable electronics.

Photo of rover on simulated lunar surface

Fri, 08/19/2022 | UW News

Lunar rover challenge

The UW hosts NASA's Artemis Student Challenge, in which student teams turn model lunar lava tubes into habitats suitable for housing on the moon or Mars.

Collage of people's faces

Mon, 08/15/2022

UW + Amazon Science Hub awards

Six UW Engineering professors will advance AI and robotics research as part of Science Hub's inaugural set of research awards.

Judy Khalamwa standing at an indoor construction site wearing an orange safety vest

Thu, 08/11/2022 | UW Civil and Environmental Engineering

Aligning career with life purpose

Judy Khalamwa wanted to both further her career and make her work more meaningful. To get started, she enrolled in CEE’s online Master of Science in Construction Engineering program.

Closeup of person's fingers grasping mobile phone with camera facing outward in eerie red and blue light, person's face and hair are blurred behind the phone against a dark background

Mon, 08/08/2022 | Allen School News

Designing beyond the default

Allen School researchers receive NSF award to address privacy and security needs of marginalized and vulnerable populations.

Exterior rendering: student walking towards the interdisciplinary engineering building

Thu, 08/04/2022 | UW News

Investment in engineering education

The UW will break ground this fall on a new, $90 million Interdisciplinary Engineering Building, thanks in part to a $10 million donation from The Boeing Co. Once complete, the state-of-the-art building will be a leading example of a student-focused learning facility backed by both public and private investments.

Portrait of Corey Clay

Thu, 08/04/2022 | UW Mechanical Engineering

Meet Corey Clay

ME’s new Diversity Equity & Inclusion Officer shares the experiences that led him to DEI work and efforts underway to increase representation in the department.

Leg with prosthetic socket

Wed, 08/03/2022 | UW Bioengineering

First successful auto-adjusting prosthetic socket

UW researchers have developed the first adaptive socket, giving people with limb amputation a new level of freedom.

fusion energy development illustration

Mon, 08/01/2022 | UW Aeronautics and Astronautics

Fusion energy is getting its moment

Fusion energy is taking off thanks to advancements from UW labs and spinoff companies.

22 objects on a table top. Objects include white 3D printed shapes and also random household items such as a drill, a mustard container, a bowl and a tennis ball

Fri, 07/29/2022 | UW News

3D printed gripper

A UW team has created a tool that can design a 3D-printable passive gripper and calculate the best path to pick up an object, making it possible for assembly-line robots to pick up almost anything.

Bart Nijssen headshot

Tue, 07/26/2022

Bart Nijssen to serve as chair of Civil & Environmental Engineering

The Allan & Inger Osberg Professor of Civil & Environmental Engineering will begin his appointment on Sept. 1.

Howard Hu

Fri, 07/22/2022 | UW Magazine

From ‘Star Wars’ to the stars

NASA is going back to the moon and planning to land humans on Mars, thanks in part to Orion manager and UW Engineering alumnus Howard Hu.

Denise Wilson

Wed, 07/20/2022 | UW News

Sex, Gender and Engineering

ECE professor Denise Wilson’s new book and course on sexual harassment in engineering seek to disrupt culture of silence.

Jim Pfaendtner and Jihui Yang headshots

Fri, 07/15/2022 | UW News

Faculty elected to Washington State Academy of Sciences

Jim Pfaendtner, professor and chair of chemical engineering, and Jihui Yang, materials science and engineering professor and vice dean of the College, are among the seven UW faculty members joining the Academy this year.

Robots book cover

Wed, 07/13/2022

Professor and student author new children’s book

A new kids’ book by Professor Faisal Hossein and graduate student Qishi Zhou highlights how technological breakthroughs predated the internet and were inspired by the natural world.

A person wearing earbuds and looking at their phone, which shows the ClearBuds app on it. App is showing details about the left and right earbuds and has the option to turn on noise suppression.

Mon, 07/11/2022 | UW News

Using deep learning to clear up calls

UW researchers have developed ClearBuds, the first wireless earbuds that enhance the speaker's voice and reduce background noise.

Illustration of a network

Mon, 07/11/2022 | UW Mechanical Engineering

AI for engineering

The AI Institute in Dynamic Systems isn’t quite a year old, but its directors are already laying the groundwork to transform engineering education and, ultimately, the field.

An artistic rendering of a silicon-based switch that manipulates light through the use of phase-change material (dark blue segment) and graphene heater (honeycomb lattice).

Fri, 07/08/2022 | UW NanoES

Next-generation data centers within reach

A UW research team has designed an energy-efficient, silicon-based non-volatile switch that manipulates light and could help advance both information technology and quantum computing.

Group photo of the Sampe team

Wed, 06/29/2022 | UW Materials Science & Engineering

Building bridges

The UW’s Society for the Advancement of Material and Process Engineering (SAMPE) team takes first at this year’s competition.

Cars on a roadway in China

Mon, 06/27/2022 | UW Civil and Environmental Engineering

Air pollution disparities in China

UW researchers have uncovered that people living in China who have a higher socioeconomic status are actually more exposed to outdoor air pollution.