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UW in the evening light

Tue, 10/05/2021

Engineering excellence for the public good

The College of Engineering's strategic plan focuses on four key areas: creating a healthier and more just world through our work; embracing the power of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI); translating innovation into impact; and investing strategically in our future. 

Brian Johnson headshot

Tue, 10/05/2021 | UW ECE News

Remaking the nation’s electrical grid

ECE’s Brian Johnson will co-lead a new national consortium, funded by a $25M award from the U.S. Department of Energy, to better support renewable energy.

Anatomical illustration of human liver in the body

Mon, 10/04/2021 | UW Medicine Newsroom

Study looks at how disease scarring disrupts liver regrowth

New approaches will examine mechanical factors that could be interfering with liver’s usual ability to regenerate itself.

Two women putting together a robot

Fri, 10/01/2021

Social robot seeks to improve teen mental health

The Population Health-funded Project EMAR has created an innovative social robot that offers resources to support the mental health needs of adolescents.

Aerial view of University of Washington campus in Seattle

Wed, 09/29/2021 | UW News

Accelerated AI algorithms for data-driven discovery

The new NSF-funded A3D3 Institute at the UW will explore ways to harness AI for accelerated discoveries in physics, astronomy and neuroscience.

Researcher on Lake Killarney

Mon, 09/27/2021 | UW News

Arsenic makes some Puget Sound fish unsafe to eat

UW CEE and UW Tacoma researchers have found that eating contaminated fish or snails from some South Puget Sound lakes could lead to health risks because of the high arsenic levels.

Three people stand outside in front of a building

Fri, 09/24/2021 | UW News

Researchers receive AAAS Golden Goose Award

UW and UC San Diego researchers honored for their work discovering that someone could hack a car

Collection of close-up photos of cats in varying poses, arranged in a grid

Tue, 09/21/2021 | Allen School News

A snapshot of the future

Forget social media memes — searching for cat photos is serious business for members of the Molecular Information Systems Lab.

The MACS Lab robotic chess player

Fri, 09/17/2021 | UW Mechanical Engineering

A vision for robotics

The UW MACS Lab builds robots and machines that combine vision, intelligence and manipulation to play games, perform tasks and advance robotics research goals.

picture of woman sitting on sofa with AKTIV prototype artificial kidney

Tue, 09/14/2021 | UW Medicine

Kidney prototype earns international prize

The Center for Dialysis Innovation has claimed its third award in the KidneyX competition, which aims to stoke innovation that will reduce the burden of dialysis.

Aerial shot of the University of Washington campus in Seattle

Thu, 09/09/2021 | UW News

New NSF center for optoelectronic and quantum technologies

The Center for Integration of Modern Optoelectronic Materials on Demand plans to bring atomic-level precision to devices and technologies and transform fields like information technology.

Bronze W

Tue, 09/07/2021

Expanding STEM pathways via materials research

The Molecular Engineering Materials Center is part of a three-year, NSF-funded partnership to build STEM career pathways for underserved Hispanic, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander students.

A rendering of this year's ecoDemonstrator plane, a Boeing 737-9 operated by Alaska Airlines.

Tue, 09/07/2021 | UW Aeronautics & Astronautics

Research takes flight

Aeronautics & Astronautics sensing research is aboard the 2021 Boeing ecoDemonstrator, giving students an opportunity to test algorithms and models during flight.

A graphic showing Hurricane Ida superimposed on top of a map

Fri, 09/03/2021 | UW News

New Orleans levee protection

CEE’s Michael Motley explains how the redesigned levee system in New Orleans helped mitigate the impact of Hurricane Ida.

Mosaic kit open showing pattern and materials

Tue, 08/31/2021 | UW Human Centered Design & Engineering

DIY fashion with Novoloom

HCDE students’ brand of ready-to-sew clothing kits empower people to create their own custom clothes.

Woman tosses a crayfish trap into Lake Killarney

Thu, 08/26/2021 | UW Civil & Environmental Engineering

Food for thought

UW researchers find that consuming certain aquatic organisms in arsenic-contaminated urban lakes elevates cancer risk.


Le Zhen pruning bonsai

Mon, 08/23/2021 | UW News

Bonsai created at Suzzallo Library

Bioengineering postdoc and bonsai artist Le Zhen has transformed Suzzallo’s junipers into a symbol of peace and inclusiveness.

Two people wearing masks and gloves in a lab. One is sitting at a table piping cell culture onto a small rectangular device connected to a laptop, surrounded by various lab supplies. Second person is standing behind first person observing.

Thu, 08/19/2021 | Allen School News

A “nanopore-tal” into complex biological systems

UW and Microsoft researchers develop “nanopore-tal” enabling cells to talk to computers.

CO2 written on a chalkboard

Mon, 08/16/2021

Developing a new CO2 bioconversion process

What if we could take harmful CO2 emissions and turn them into a cheaper, more efficient and sustainable means of chemical production? A UW team is working on just that.

 Dr. Tueng Shen

Mon, 08/16/2021

Leading an innovation partnership

Longstanding partners, the UW College of Engineering and School of Medicine have created a position to expand health innovation. Meet Tueng Shen, the first to serve in this new role.

A crowd of 12 people in masks stand in a group outdoors behind a robot that looks like a mars rover

Tue, 08/10/2021

Congrats to Husky Robotics

The UW Husky Robotics team finished as the top U.S. team in the 2021 Virtual University Rover Challenge. 

HCU illustration

Thu, 08/05/2021 | UW Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering

Using light to accelerate AI

ECE researchers are developing a computer chip using laser light to accelerate the computing speed and efficiency of AI and machine learning applications while reducing energy consumption.

Image of a woman holding a young child

Wed, 08/04/2021

Technology for kids’ health

HCDE and School of Medicine researchers are co-designing a technology intervention to support the health and development of children.

airplane flying over a city

Mon, 08/02/2021 | UW Civil & Environmental Engineering

Clearing the air

The impacts of air pollution on communities living near airports are no longer up in the air, thanks to breakthrough research by CEE professor Tim Larson.

Professor Steve Brunton drawing lines with arrows on a lightboard

Thu, 07/29/2021 | UW News

UW to lead new NSF institute

The UW-led AI Institute for Dynamic Systems will focus on fundamental AI and machine learning theory, algorithms and applications for real-time learning and control of complex dynamic systems.