Industry Capstone Project Initiative

Senior capstone design projects are central to the learning experience for our engineering students. An important benefit of capstones is that they can allow students to tackle real-world problems faced by engineering professionals today.

In an effort to provide more such opportunities, the College of Engineering is developing the COE Industry Capstone Project Initiative to support industry capstones across the College of Engineering.

This initiative provides a mechanism to connect departments with industry partners as sponsors for student capstone teams and expands on existing programs in the departments of Aeronautics & Astronautics, Electrical Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering.

The College is looking for faculty from all engineering departments interested in connecting industry contacts with student capstone projects.

Benefits of industry capstone projects for departments

Offering industry capstone projects for your students provides you and your department with several important benefits:

  • Opportunities to generate and strengthen connections between key companies and your department’s faculty and research centers
  • Enhances students’ learning by providing them with valuable, career-relevant experience applying their engineering skills to address real-world problems
  • Improves students’ resumes and job prospects
  • Strengthens ties with alumni, who are often interested in serving as mentor
  • Provide the State with a skilled, innovative workforce
  • Guaranteed funding to support material and space costs for student projects

How capstone partnerships are developed

Interested companies work with faculty leads in participating departments to define suitable capstone projects based on real-world design problems. Companies present their projects to students at a pitch event and students complete a survey to indicate which projects they would like to work on. Teams of three to six students are formed for each project. Companies will then identify a mentor, sign a simple sponsor agreement, and pay the $10,000 sponsorship fee.

Examples of departmental programs

Learn more about the industry capstone programs currently being offered by departments: