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Strategic Plan 2021-2026

Implementation and metrics coming in winter 2021

A College Implementation Planning Committee has prepared an initial implementation plan that defines metrics, estimates resource needs and proposes timelines for the realization of each priority in this strategic plan.

Just as this strategic plan outlines high-level goals, the implementation plan lays out quantitative SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound) goals for the next five years. While this strategic plan provides an overall guide for the College’s growth and development, the implementation plan will serve as a roadmap, providing milestones and targets and indicating at the end of each of the next five years how far we have come towards realizing our aspirations. We will publish an implementation update every year to measure progress, acknowledge successes and identify areas that are behind the expected level of achievement.

The strategic plan and its companion implementation plan will guide resource allocation and budget decisions; serve as a basis for annual performance evaluations of College leaders and staff; measure key indicators; and shape future policy and procedures.