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About us

DEI initiatives

We are undertaking synergistic initiatives in three key areas to bring cultural transformation and sustainable change for all members of our College community.

DEI strategy and implementation plan

In alignment with Erolin Solutions’ DEI assessment findings, we are developing a multi-year DEI Strategy and Implementation plan to provide an actionable and measurable framework that supports long-term College-wide and departmental DEI efforts, and facilitates sustainable cultural change in our College community.

Learnings and outcomes

Engaging with projects and stakeholders

We are establishing connections across the College to ensure diverse perspectives are represented in decision-making.

Elevating diverse student voices

We are meeting with student affinity and advocacy group leaders in order to elevate their voices in key College projects, such as planning for the Interdisciplinary Engineering Building (IEB) and ongoing development of the College strategic plan.

Partnering with departments

We are convening the Engineering Departments Diversity Committee (EDDC) on a monthly basis to foster cross-departmental collaboration and continue to build DEI knowledge and skills that will benefit departmental efforts.

Working with leadership to integrate DEI goals

We are collaborating with department chairs and DEI-related staff to ensure that DEI is integrated in all aspects of their work.

Strategic planning subcommittee on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Sovereignty (DEIS)

Part of the Strategic Planning effort, this group helped recommend the College’s future DEI actions and identify key metrics and set targets. Convened in October 2020 and co-chaired by professors Elizabeth Nance and Patrick Stayton, the group collected input from across the College community and their work forms the core of the strategic plan. Learn more about the strategic plan.

Co-chaired by professors Elizabeth Nance and Patrick Stayton, the group has devised the following target outcomes with input from the steering committee, and feedback and discussion from the College community:


    A culturally competent College that reflects DEIS values across all facets of higher education: learning, research, service and outreach.


    A community of faculty, staff and students that reflects society’s diversity.


    A place where all community members thrive and are valued.


    Greater capacity for equitable collaboration across the University and region to strengthen relationships and provide mutual opportunities for growth.