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DEI Initiatives at the College of Engineering

Strategic Planning Subcommittee on DEIS  DEI assessment  COE DEI efforts

The College of Engineering is committed to building an inclusive and equitable environment for learning, research, service and outreach. We are undertaking synergistic initiatives in three key areas to bring cultural transformation and sustainable change for all members of our College community.

Strategic Planning Subcommittee on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Sovereignty (DEIS)

Part of the Strategic Planning effort, this group is helping to define future DEI actions set by the College and to identify key metrics and set targets. This subcommittee has been working together since October 2020 and will present a final report to the Strategic Planning Steering Committee at the end of January 2021. Their recommendations will help form the core content of the strategic plan. In the spring you will be invited to review the draft strategic plan. Your feedback is welcome at any point in this process.

Co-chaired by professors Elizabeth Nance and Patrick Stayton, the group has devised the following target outcomes with input from the steering committee, and feedback and discussion from the College community:


    A culturally competent College that reflects DEIS values across all facets of higher education: learning, research, service and outreach.


    A community of faculty, staff and students that reflects society’s diversity.


    A place where all community members thrive and are valued.


    Greater capacity for equitable collaboration across the University and region to strengthen relationships and provide mutual opportunities for growth.

DEI assessment

The College has engaged an external consulting firm, Erolin Solutions, to assess climate and build a strategic and sustainable approach to achieve diversity, equity and inclusion, in order to help the College meet the DEIS goals outlined through the Strategic Planning process.

Learn more about this assessment work through this brief introduction video.

julius has more than 25 years of experience helping organizations facilitate sustainable change around diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI). Based in Scotland, he provides consulting, training, facilitation, and coaching to clients in the US, Europe and Asia. He specializes in building individual and group competencies in organizational change, DEI, conflict engagement and management, team development and inclusive leadership.

Previously, julius was the Managing Consultant for EW Group, a London-based consulting firm, where he worked with large organizations such as the NHS, the largest employer in Europe, government agencies, educational institutions, and global companies. He has worked extensively with organizations dealing with difficult change processes around diversity, equity and inclusion. Specializing in difficult individual and group dynamics, he integrates current knowledge and practice in intercultural studies, critical theories, neuroscience and internal martial arts to help individuals and organizations leverage the value of difference to achieve their shared goals.

Prior to moving to the UK, julius was an Organizational Consultant for the University of Minnesota, where he provided guidance to leaders, faculty, staff and students. He also served as the Associate Director at the University of Minnesota's Office of Equal Opportunity, and Director of Equity and Diversity for St. Paul Housing Agency, where he provided expertise in EEO law and policy, affirmative action and diversity management.

julius was born in the Philippines and immigrated to the US at the age of 11. He earned his degree in English Literature from UCLA and received his law degree from University of California Hastings Law School where his focus areas included critical legal studies, critical race theory and feminist jurisprudence.

Key components and timeline

Briefings and dialogues

In progress

Focus groups and listening sessions with the College community, including Dean’s Office staff, the Engineering Departments Diversity Committee, Strategic Plan DEIS Subcommittee,  College of Engineering Student Advisory Council and department leadership to build understanding about the project, goals and challenges.

Baseline assessments

Beginning January 2021

Interviews with key stakeholders, review of internal and external documents, and an intercultural competency assessment (IDI) with individual and group results.


Summer 2021

Based on the data and feedback collected from the baseline assessment, Erolin Solutions will provide a report summarizing findings and make recommendations for sustainable change and transformation.

College of Engineering DEI efforts

Advancing DEI goals through the hiring of targeted staff positions, reviewing and revising best practices and engaging with the College community.

With input from the UW’s Office of Minority Affairs and Diversity, this high level staff position will provide professional expertise and lead, develop, and implement programs to increase the participation and engagement of diverse and underrepresented groups across the College. Candidate review process anticipated to finish by the end of January.

Robin Clayton joined the College to facilitate constructive engagement and dialogue on DEI and anti-racism, respond to inquiries and assist in developing processes and programs that increase participation and engagement of diverse and underrepresented groups across the College. Work includes:

  • Engaging with all department chairs and diversity-focused staff and committees to identify and address emerging issues.
  • Meeting with students and student groups working to address anti-racism and inclusion.
  • Partnering with departments to provide resources and coaching to bridge communication gaps.
  • Bridging work across initiatives in the Dean’s Office, Erolin Solutions and the DEIS Subcommittee.

Comprising representatives from the College of Engineering’s departments, the group connects cross-College strategies with departmental efforts. Activities include:

  • Monthly meetings with representatives from each department and DEI-focused staff to provide updates on DEI activities.
  • Trainings and dialogues with Erolin Solutions, the consulting firm assessing the College
  • Interviews with Associate Dean for DEI candidates in January 2021.