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An illustration of a laser beam engraving a microchip in a black box frame, plus an inset showing the photonic chip circuitry

Fri, 02/23/2024

A laser printer for microchips

A UW research team has invented a way to print photonic chips using a speedy, low-cost device the size of a conventional desktop printer.

Two students stand on either side of a canoe and fasten foam insulation to the sides

Tue, 02/20/2024

Making a big splash

Members of the UW Concrete Canoe Team gain hands-on experience designing and constructing a canoe almost entirely from concrete.

A robot in front of a shelf. The shelf contains the following items: a pitcher on its side, a bowl in front of a bottle of Soft Scrub, a mug on a plate and a spoon balanced on the plate

Thu, 02/15/2024 | UW News

Robots and clutter

In this Q&A, Associate Professor Ashis Banerjee shares how his team is helping robots learn to identify objects in cluttered spaces.

The temperature sensing earring is shown attached to a person’s ear, touching the earlobe is a gemstone while dangling a few centimeters below is a small circular circuit board.

Tue, 02/13/2024 | UW News

Smart earrings that monitor temperature

UW researchers have introduce the Thermal Earring, a wireless wearable that continuously monitors a user’s earlobe temperature.

Two microscopy images next to each other. Each image has a black background with green denoting the cell. In the left image, there is green everywhere in the cell and in the right image there is green in blobs throughout the cell

Thu, 02/08/2024 | UW News

Hydrogels inside and out

Using computers to design proteins allows UW researchers to make tunable hydrogels that can form both inside and outside of cells.

Two students stand on either side of a canoe and fasten foam insulation to the sides

Thu, 02/08/2024

Making a big splash

Members of the UW Concrete Canoe Team gain hands-on experience designing and constructing a canoe almost entirely out of concrete.

Nancy Allbritton

Tue, 02/06/2024 | National Academy of Engineering

Nancy Allbritton elected to the NAE

The Frank & Julie Jungers Dean of the College of Engineering and professor of bioengineering has been elected to the National Academy of Engineering. Election to the Academy is one of the highest honors given to an engineer. 

A person wearing safety glasses looking at electronic equipment

Tue, 02/06/2024 | UW Clean Energy Institute

Clean energy graduate certificate

Launched this year, the Clean Energy Institute's new graduate certificate in clean energy is open to all UW grad students.

A group of people around a table working on a project together

Thu, 02/01/2024 | UW Mechanical Engineering

A healthy collaboration

Engineering students and faculty partner with UW Medicine to create devices that can treat multi-organ failure and improve catheter safety.

Mo Malakoutian smiling at the camera

Tue, 01/30/2024 | UW Civil and Environmental Engineering

Expanding impact

Affiliate instructor and alumnus Mo Malakoutian on how he's applied his engineering background to public service and local government.

Ed Habtour and Lauren Kuehne headshots.

Thu, 01/25/2024 | UW Aeronautics and Astronautics

An inclusive workshop

Aeronautics & Astronautics finds success with a model adapted from Aquatic & Fishery Sciences that strengthens fellowship applications and fosters community.

Laurelhurst with a conceptual overlaid network

Tue, 01/23/2024 | UW Industrial Systems and Engineering

Building community resilience

Industrial and systems engineering chair Cynthia Chen will lead an interdisciplinary NSF-funded effort to transform disaster response.

Close up of a smart phone on top of a book with the ChatGPT app opened on the screen

Thu, 01/18/2024 | UW News

ChatGPT and other language models

UW researchers answer common questions about language models like ChatGPT.

Two men working on a motherboard covered with circuits

Wed, 01/17/2024 | UW Electrical & Computer Engineering

A new chip for wireless communication

A UW research team has designed a computer chip that can send and receive large amounts of data at high speeds while minimizing signal distortion.

Suzie Pun headshot

Thu, 01/11/2024 | UW Molecular Engineering & Science Institute

Q&A with MolES director Suzie Pun

The bioengineering professor became Molecular Engineering & Sciences Institute (MolES)'s director last summer.

The cover of a ColorMePHD coloring book

Tue, 01/09/2024 | UW News

Cells, microscopes and scientists

A chemical engineering professor’s coloring book makes science accessible.

Closeup of a microchip

Mon, 01/08/2024

Chips, science and engineering

Dean Nancy Allbritton on what the CHIPS and Science Act means for the College of Engineering, the UW and the state of Washington.

3D Brain Microvessels

Thu, 01/04/2024 | UW Bioengineering

Unraveling the mysteries of malaria

UW bioengineering researchers conduct a breakthrough study in 3D brain microvessel models.

Pile of colorful 3-D printed tiles with social media platform logos, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat

Wed, 01/03/2024 | Allen School News

The architects of our digital spaces

How researchers in the Allen School’s Social Futures Lab are making social media better by design.

a group of fish jumping out of a waterfall

Wed, 12/27/2023 | UW Aeronautics and Astronautics

Supporting tribal-led salmon monitoring

UW researchers are working with the Sauk-Suiattle Indian Tribe to develop a drone-based salmon survey method for resource management.

Group photo of the NEMS 2023 class

Tue, 12/26/2023 | UW Institute for Nano-Engineered Systems

Empowering students with nanotechnology insights

Seattle-are community college students explore nanotechnology through a four-week intensive summer program that is part of the Path to UW Program.

A hand wearing a glove next to a paw print in the snow

Tue, 12/26/2023 | UW News

How changing snow affects wildlife

Two UW professors teamed up to find out how climate change will affect how predators hunt prey.

child's hands adjusting a circuit board

Mon, 12/18/2023

The art of early engineering education

Embracing creativity, four faculty reach the earliest of audiences and inspire the next generation of engineers.

Woman standing next to a metal railing, placing an object inside a flume at the Harris Hydraulics Lab

Mon, 12/18/2023 | UW Mechanical Engineering

Monitoring for marine life

A team is testing new methods to assess the potential impacts of tidal turbines on marine mammals.

A group of students standing behind small aircrafts placed on the floor

Wed, 12/13/2023

Taking hands-on learning to new heights

More than 80 students join together to design and develop a radio-controlled aircraft as part of the UW chapter of Design Build Fly.