The Trend in Engineering - Spring 2014

The Trend in Engineering - Spring 2014

Spring 2014

From Molecules to Miles 

composite of researcher in lab and power lines with orange sky

The Clean Energy Institute wants to revolutionize our energy system at every scale. The CEI is among the pioneers in molecular innovation that could turn windows—along with roofs and other building materials—into large-scale canvasses for collecting sunlight and converting it to electricity. Read more »


The Student Experience:
Connecting with Alumni through "Speed Dating"

alumna speaking to students in crowded room

More than 30 alumni share their stories and answer questions at Engineering Exploration Night. About 100 students gain exposure to the field and learned about various disciplines after talking to alumni in speed-dating-like sessions. Read more »

Alumnus Visit:
Unintentional Ambassador, Bobak Ferdowsi

Bobak Ferdowsi, BSAA 2001

The NASA flight engineer became an icon of the historic Mars Curiosity Rover landing in 2012 when his Mohawk hairstyle attracted media attention. He visited campus this spring and shared advice for students and thoughts about the future of space exploration. Read more »

Diamond Awards Ninth Annual Dinner

Diamond Awards trophies, closeup


Please join the College of Engineering on Thursday, June 5, 2014, 6—9 p.m. as we honor these five eminent engineers with 2014 Diamond Awards for their outstanding professional and community achievements.

Eric B. Denton, P.E., '51 BS & MS Chemical Engineering
Distinguished Achievement in Industry
A remarkable engineer who brought the sawmill industry into the computer age. He pioneered and patented computer-automation in sawmill centers which reduced waste and massively increased yield and productivity.

Simon Sze
'60 MS Electrical Engineering
Distinguished Achievement in Academia
As co-inventor of the nonvolatile semiconductor memory (NVSM) popular in today’s consumer electronics, his contributions to semiconductor physics revolutionized the development of modern electronic systems.

Randy Kurosky
'88 BS Ceramic Engineering
Entrepreneurial Excellence
The co-inventor of two ceramic oxide powder processes and engineer of over 3,000 different metallic oxide compositions, he is responsible for turning Seattle Specialty Ceramics, a technology transfer startup, into a successful business – Praxair Specialty Ceramics.

Daniel J. Evans
'48 BS, '49 MS Civil Engineering
Distinguished Service
The citizens of Washington State have benefited from the thread of service that runs through his varied career. A tireless advocate, he has devoted over sixty years of service to his community, both in and out of political office.

Brad Fitzpatrick
'02 BS Computer Science & Engineering
Early Career
The creator of LiveJournal, an internet tool that helped popularize blogging. His Memcached technology is used today by all major-scale web services including YouTube, Facebook, Wikipedia, and Twitter.