The Trend in Engineering - Spring 2012

The Trend in Engineering - Spring 2012

Spring 2012

The Cost of Engineering's Capacity Problem

chart showing increasing tuition rates compared to decreasing state funding over 3 years.

UNABLE TO ACCOMMODATE HUNDREDS OF STUDENTS EVERY QUARTER, the UW College of Engineering is redirecting highly qualified students to other departments or dispatching them to other schools, often out of state. The capacity problem is not a soft rain, misting lightly on a select few; it's a downpour. Last year, the college turned away more than 500 prospective engineering majors. Nearly half of upper-division applicants saw their goals blocked. Read more »


Charged Bodies: Ferroelectricity Discovered
in Mammalian Tissue

Electrical response overlaid on the inner aortic wall

THE HEART'S INNER WORKINGS are mysterious, perhaps even more so with a new finding. UW engineers have discovered an electrical property in arteries not seen before in mammalian tissues. Read more »


A Home Base for Students

Sirena Merfalen and Tomas Martinez, students in EAC

THREE SPACIOUS CLASSROOMS on the second floor of Loew Hall are open to students 24 hours a day. In the Engineering Academic Center (EAC), students attend collaborative workshops in math, chemistry, and physics. They form learning communities, meet informally for study sessions, and as juniors and seniors, help tutor other students and maintain their "home base." Statistics show that underrepresented students engaged in the EAC graduate with STEM degrees at a 60 percent higher rate than their peers. Read more »


Diamond Awards Seventh Annual Dinner

Diamond Awards trophies, closeup

Please join Dean Matt O'Donnell on Friday, May 18, 2012 to honor five eminent engineers with 2012 Diamond Awards for their outstanding professional and community achievements.

Steven Rogel, ’65 BS ChemE for Distinguished Achievement in Industry

Richard "Dick" Sandaas, ’60 BS ME for Distinguished Achievement in Industry

Anne Condon, ’87 PhD CS for Distinguished Achievement in Academia

Bonnie J. Dunbar, ’71 BS, ’76 MS MSE for Distinguished Service

Greg Badros, ’98 MS, ’00 PhD CSE for Early Career

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