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College of Engineering Faculty Search and Hiring Toolkit

This toolkit is designed to provide a comprehensive outline of best practices for hiring faculty in the College of Engineering and enhancing excellence through diversity.

Policies and guidelines for faculty recruitment and hiring are established across all levels of hierarchy at the UW, from individual department-level criteria to the university-wide policies outlined in the Faculty Code. To make these policies and guidelines more navigable, this toolkit provides a comprehensive process with resources and reference material for each step, outlines the broader principles guiding the faculty hiring process in the College of Engineering, and shares best practices and common pitfalls.



Provides a visual overview of key milestones for each week throughout the faculty hiring process. 


This overview of the College of Engineering’s faculty hiring process lists the necessary steps and timing, as well as best practices, to ensure an equitable hiring process.

Faculty Hiring Dashboard

At the College of Engineering, we are committed to inclusive hiring practices. The hiring dashboard provides candidate data for faculty searches, which is submitted by departments within the College of Engineering.  

View hiring dashboard