Term Professorship Processes

Use these procedures for creating term professorships, including term agreements and appointments.

Term Agreement Process

  1. Internal agreement document is prepared using term professorship template either by:
    • Advancement Officer when the professorship is funded by a private gift
    • Assistant to Chair/Assistant to Dean when funded by a departmental or college discretionary budget
  2. Dean's office or department Administrator verifies the funding source (budget number) and award amount.
  3. Donor Relations Manager routes a copy of the agreement for Department Chair and Dean to sign. The signed agreement is forwarded to Donor Relations Services to obtain the necessary central signatures. If there are private donors, Donor Relations Services returns the agreement to the advancement officer, who facilitates signing by the donors. The signed agreement is forwarded to Donor Relations Services.
  4. Donor Relations Manager forwards an electronic copy of the final agreement to the CoE HR Administrator, HR Manager, and Department.
  5. CoE HR reminds the chair’s assistant/administrator to begin the appointment process.

Appointment Process

  1. Dean of Engineering or Department Chair assembles a list of candidate(s) for the term professorship.
  2. Dean or Chair appoints a selection committee to evaluate the candidate(s). Note: If the candidate is selected without a selection committee, proceed to compiling the packet.
  3. Dean or Chair, via the Assistant to the Dean/Chair, provides the selection committee members a letter outlining their responsibilities along with the following documents:
    • Candidates’ CVs
    • Copy of the agreement
  4. Selection committee evaluates the materials generated by the candidate(s) and provides the Dean or Chair with a report and a letter of recommendation.
  5. Assistant to the Dean/Chair compiles the following materials and routes the completed packet to CoE HR:
    • Signed CoE cover sheet
    • Selection committee’s report and letter of recommendation (if applicable)
    • Letter from the Chair requesting the appointment
    • Candidate's CV
    • Copy of the agreement
    • AHR Term Professorship Checklist – completed and signed
  6. HR Manager reviews packet and prepares the Dean’s recommendation letter to the Provost.
  7. HR Manager sends an electronic copy of the Dean’s recommendation to the department for their records.
  8. HR Coordinator makes one copy of entire package for files and forwards original to Provost’s Office. A copy is provided to the Donor Relations Manager for term professorship files.
  9. HR Coordinator sends email to Donor Relations Manager, HR Administrator, Assistant to the Dean, and Department Administrator, notifying them that the paperwork has been processed.
  10. HR Manager receives notification from Vice Provost that the professorship will be reviewed by the Board of Regents.
  11. HR Manager forwards the notification letter, via email, to Donor Relations Manager, HR Administrator, Finance Administrator, Assistant to the Dean, and Chair’s Assistant, notifying them of the status of the appointment.
  12. Once the term professorship has been approved by the Board of Regents, HR Manager receives a copy of the notification from Provost to the faculty member and:
    • Candidates’ CVs
    • Forwards letter, via email, to Donor Relations Manager, HR Administrator, Finance Administrator, Assistant to the Dean, and Chair’s Assistant