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Faculty & research

NSF Early CAREER Awards

NSF CAREER awards recognize and support new faculty members who are most likely to become the academic leaders of the 21st century. Each award includes a substantial grant to support the faculty member's research. Data from 2001 to present.

2024Ting CaoMaterials Science & Engineering
Chaoyue ZhaoIndustrial & Systems Engineering
Nadya PeekHuman Centered Design & Engineering
Lucas MezaMechanical Engineering
2023Michelle DiBenedettoMechanical Engineering
Ji-Eun KimIndustrial & Systems Engineering
2022Mehmet KurtMechanical Engineering
Prashanth RajivanIndustrial & Systems Engineering
2021Sam BurdenElectrical & Computer Engineering
Michael GomezCivil & Environmental Engineering
2018Shayan Oveis GharanComputer Science & Engineering
Leah FindlaterHuman Centered Design & Engineering
Jon FroehlichComputer Science & Engineering
Yin Tat LeeComputer Science & Engineering
Brett MaurerCivil & Environmental Engineering
Mo LiElectrical & Computer Engineering
Peter PauzauskieMaterial Science & Engineering
Kate StarbirdHuman Centered Design & Engineering
Kat SteeleMechanical Engineering
Zachary TatlockComputer Science & Engineering
2017Alvin CheungComputer Science & Engineering
Cole DeForestChemical Engineering
Ali FarhadiComputer Science & Engineering
Sreeram KannanElectrical & Computer Engineering
Katharina ReineckeComputer Science & Engineering
Franziska RoesnerComputer Science & Engineering
Thomas RothvossComputer Science & Engineering
Emina TorlakComputer Science & Engineering
2016Maya CakmakComputer Science & Engineering
Sean MunsonHuman Centered Design & Engineering
Anshu NarangAeronautics & Astronautics
Peter PauzauskieMaterials Science & Engineering
Jinkyu "JK" YangAeronautics & Astronautics
2015Shyamnath GollakotaComputer Science & Engineering
Daniela RosnerHuman Centered Design & Engineering
Chris RudellElectrical Engineering
Katherine SteeleMechanical Engineering
2013Michael DoddCivil & Environmental Engineering
2012Kai-Mei FuElectrical Engineering and Physics
James PfaendtnerChemical Engineering
Marco RolandiMaterials Science & Engineering
Xiaodong XuMaterials Science & Engineering
2011Antonino FerranteAeronautics & Astronautics
James FogartyComputer Science & Engineering
Archis GhateIndustrial & Systems Engineering
2010Linda Ng BoyleIndustrial Systems and Engineering (transferred to UW)
Julie KientzHuman Centered Design & Engineering
Charlotte LeeHuman Centered Design & Engineering
Georg SeeligComputer Science & Engineering and Electrical Engineering
2009Magda BalazinskaComputer Science & Engineering (transferred to UW)
Luis CezeComputer Science & Engineering
Jae-Hyun ChungMechanical Engineering
Maryam FazelElectrical Engineering
Yoshi KohnoComputer Science & Engineering
Brian OtisElectrical Engineering
Nathan SniadeckiMechanical Engineering
Junlan WangMechanical Engineering (transferred to UW)
2008Alberto AlisedaMechanical Engineering
Christine LuscombeMaterials Science & Engineering
Jonathan PosnerMechanical Engineering (transferred to UW)
Amy ShenMechanical Engineering (left UW)
Hong ShenChemical Engineering
2007Xiaohu GaoBioengineering
James LeeComputer Science & Engineering
Babik Amir ParvizElectrical Engineering
Wendy ThomasBioengineering
2005Dan GrossmanComputer Science & Engineering
Suzie PunBioengineering
2004Venkatesan GuruswamiComputer Science & Engineering (left UW)
Bruce J. HindsMaterials Science & Engineering
Tara JavidiElectrical Engineering (left UW)
Eric KlavinsElectrical Engineering
Wayne LiMechanical Engineering (left UW)
Xingde LiBioengineering (left UW)
2003Dwayne D. ArolaMaterials Science & Engineering (transferred to UW)
Yoky MatsuokaComputer Science & Engineering (transferred to UW)
Kristi MorgansenAeronautics & Astronautics
Kai StrunzElectrical Engineering
Jennifer TurnsHuman Centered Design & Engineering
2002Steven GribbleComputer Science & Engineering
Jim HermansonAeronautics & Astronautics (transferred to UW)
Mehran MesbahiAeronautics & Astronautics (transferred to UW)
Mark OskinComputer Science & Engineering
Rajesh RaoComputer Science & Engineering
David WetherallComputer Science & Engineering
2001Stuart AdlerChemical Engineering
Jeffrey BilmesElectrical Engineering
Albert FolchBioengineering
Dieter FoxComputer Science & Engineering
Vikram JandhyalaElectrical Engineering
Shaoyi JiangChemical Engineering
Alexander MamishevElectrical Engineering
Radha PoovendranElectrical Engineering
Zoran PopovicComputer Science & Engineering
Dan SuciuComputer Science & Engineering