Engineering Study Abroad Research Program Credit Guide

Conducting research abroad can be a unique and rewarding academic experience. Follow the steps outlined below to prepare for a successful research experience abroad.

Contact the host professor

Contact the professor at the host university overseeing the lab to which you have been assigned. Learn about the specific project you will be working on and any expectations you should be aware of as part of your participation in the lab, including an intended number of lab hours and any deliverables to complete by the end of the research program.

Coordinate with your adviser

Notify your adviser that you are participating in your research program. Coordinate with them to determine how credits earned from the program might fit into your degree plan. Your adviser may be able to help you identify a faculty research supervisor (see next bullet).

Find a UW research supervisor

Contact a UW faculty member to serve as a research supervisor to sponsor your research and give you a grade. It is best if the faculty has an interest in the research area that you will be working in during the program; you may also want to ask a faculty member that you are familiar with and have taken courses from in the past.

Pre-approve UW credit for your research work

Print off and complete the student section of the UW Study Abroad Credit Verification Form. This form gives UW Study Abroad approval to assign you the appropriate credits to your transcript after your program.

Schedule a meeting with your supervisor. During your meeting, discuss the appropriate number of credits to receive based on the estimated number of research hours as well as the method and frequency of communications with the supervisor during the research program. Typically, 30 research hours equals one UW credit. Have the supervisor complete and sign the Pre-Departure columns on the form.

Email a digital copy of the signed credit verification form to the College of Engineering, and keep a copy for yourself to record the pre-approved credit signed off by your research supervisor.

Finalize your credits

After you return from your program, meet with your research supervisor and review the work you did during the program. Your supervisor enters a grade and their signature in the Upon Return column on the UW Study Abroad Credit Verification Form. Submit the signed form to UW Study Abroad to have them assign your credits to your transcript.