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Department admission

High school students looking to apply to the UW
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Transfer students
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UW pre-engineering students
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Engineering Undeclared (ENGRUD) students
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Engineering department application

Admission into engineering departments

You can apply for admission once you have completed the full set of application requirements for your department(s) of interest. If you are a first-year student, you can apply for admission if you’ve completed all of the application requirements as part of two years of focused coursework — likely through Running Start — so that you are on track to begin the junior level sequence upon enrollment in the major.

You can apply to multiple majors when:

  • You have completed all of the application requirements for each department of interest.
  • Are on track complete the enrollment requirements prior to starting in the major.

Resources for creating your education plan

Departments have different application requirements, then further enrollment requirements before actually starting in the major. Some departments offer admission once a year, some twice a year.

  • To create a course plan that keeps you on track to apply for and enroll in departments, we strongly encourage you to utilize the Prerequisites by Major for Transfer and Non-DTC Students page.
  • To find out when each department offers admission, see Department application deadlines below.


    Department application deadlines

    The deadlines below apply to current UW non-engineering students.

    Department Autumn admission Spring admission
    Aeronautics & Astronautics April 5 no spring admission

    July 1: early admission for students in majors other than "Engineering Undeclared"

    January 15
    Chemical Engineering no autumn admission January 15
    Civil Engineering
    Environmental Engineering
    April 5 no spring admission
    Computer Engineering * July 1 January 15
    Electrical & Computer Engineering April 5 no spring admission
    Human Centered Design & Engineering April 5 January 15
    Industrial & Systems Engineering April 5 no spring admission
    Mechanical Engineering April 5 no spring admission
    Materials Science & Engineering April 5 no spring admission
    Bioresource Science & Engineering April 5 January 15

    * Refer to the CSE website for separate requirements for the computer science degree.

Direct to College (DTC) - in process of updating

Direct to College admission assures incoming freshman students who are admitted into the College of Engineering that they can pursue an engineering degree at the UW. The changes took effect starting with the 2018 incoming freshman class.

Direct to College FAQ