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Boats on the Mekong river

Fueled by floods

UW researchers are racing to determine how hydropower demand will impact supplies of rice and fish along the Mekong River — and the communities who rely on them.

New Dean Nancy Allbritton sitting in a lab

Meet Nancy Allbritton

The nationally recognized leader, educator and researcher joins us on Nov. 1 as the next dean of UW Engineering.

student drawing

Atari Women

Human Centered Design & Engineering researchers unearth and celebrate the forgotten histories of women who helped shape the early days of Atari — and the computer gaming industry ever since.

Ewurama Karikari sitting in front of laptops in a lab

An engineering STAR

Alumna Ewurama Karikari shares how the UW STARS program helped her transform her passions for math and robotics into a mechanical engineering mechatronics degree.

A doctor uses the app to check his daughter's ear

Have you heard?

UW researchers develop the first smartphone app that can identify ear infections in children.

students carrying a rocket

SARP wins big

The Society for Advanced Rocket Propulsion — UW’s student rocketry club — clinched the top spot this summer at the 2019 Spaceport America Cup.

Sender looking at Receiver

Great minds think alike

UW researchers have created a method for two people help a third person solve a task using only their thoughts.

Jevin West standing in front of a projected screen

Combatting misinformation

The new UW Center for an Informed Public will work to promote an informed society, resist strategic misinformation and strengthen democratic discourse.

stylized image of the human brain

Advancements in Alzheimer’s research

UW researchers show that a synthetic peptide can inhibit toxicity and aggregation of Alzheimer’s disease proteins.