Requesting Family and Medical Leave (FMLA)

Professional and classified staff may request FMLA when they have a serious medical condition or they are caring for a family member. Generally, a qualifying leave will be covered by the FMLA if an employee has worked for the UW or the state of Washington at least 60% FTE for at least one year, and has not already used the annual 12 week FMLA leave entitlement. The staff member must communicate their intent to take leave with their supervisor and submit an FMLA request form (with healthcare provider certification) to Upper Campus HR Operations.

Request Process

  1. The staff member requests leave in accordance with their department’s leave policy. The employee may be asked to complete the “Leave of Absence or Modified Work Schedule Request” or “Leave of Absence Request – Basic” form at their manager’s request (see Requesting for Leave of Absence or Modified Work Schedule below). If the form is not completed, then the employee must communicate their plan for leave use to their supervisor and payroll coordinator.
  2. If it is known that the staff member will be out for more than 3 days, FMLA should be requested. If the leave is unforeseen, then the manager may ask the staff member to apply for FMLA once the leave has lasted for more than 3 days.
    See the UW Human Resources website for information about FMLA Eligibility and Entitlements.
  3. The employee and their doctor fill out the appropriate Healthcare Provider Certification form (personal health condition, a family member’s serious health condition, parental leave etc.).
    For links to forms, see Leave Administration on the UW Human Resources web site.
  4. The completed form is faxed or mailed, by the employee or their doctor, to Upper Campus Human Resources for review.
  5. Once the employee’s eligibility for FMLA has been approved, the CoE HR Manager will receive an email from Upper Campus Human Resources.
  6. The Dean's Office HR Manager creates an FMLA notification letter for the staff member.
  7. The Dean's Office HR Manager sends the FMLA notification letter to the employee, administrator, and direct supervisor, notifying them of the approved leave request.
  8. The administrator forwards the FMLA notification letter and any other related forms to the payroll coordinator.

Requesting for Leave of Absence or Modified Work Schedule

It is the employee’s responsibility to complete the Request for Leave of Absence or Modified Work Schedule form (see Leave Administration on the UW Human Resources web site). The form will be reviewed and approved by the employee’s supervisor and the Department Administrator. If the leave without pay amount is 10 days or more, then the completed form must be sent to the Upper Campus HR Operations.

For links to forms, see Departmental Leave Request Process on the UW Human Resources website.