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Improving Customer Support Model for IOT Customers

T-Mobile Wholesale is a Business to Business group with a complicated technical support model due to the nature of multiple systems, variable issues in locations throughout the country and multiple engineering teams supporting the network for our customers. In Q1 of 2022, the Wholesale Customer Support Model is implementing dynamic changes with the deployment of a customer facing portal for technical support and self service resources, as well as a new care to care support team with increased technical experience. This student team worked to develop a new business processes across the department and partner organizations and update of internal and external facing documentation, with a goal of decreasing time and increasing customer satisfaction. The team worked to build out a strong library for internal engineering support and create new technical resolution tactics for previously unidentified improvements through evaluation of technical troubleshooting processes, technical writing for internal execution of the process, and improvements based off customer feedback and missed resolution times. Project results have a high impact on a billion dollar business for retention and growth.

Faculty Adviser

Patty Buchanan, Assistant Teaching Professsor, Industrial & Systems Engineering


Courtney Liu
Jaden McClure
Natasha Valerie Sumarta
Vincent Chen