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Wireless Airway Management System for Emergency Medical Applications

Capnography is a non-invasive measurement of partial pressure of CO2 from the human airway. Existing capnography devices utilize side-stream technology, which is inconvenient, messy and bulky, and does not provide Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) with the most helpful, real-time feedback. The student team worked to create a portable main-stream capnography device that is capable of measuring End-Tidal CO2 from the exhaled breath of a patient, as well as inspiratory and expiratory flow rate and airway pressure so EMTs can know, in real-time, whether they are ventilating a patient properly.

Faculty Adviser

Payman Arabshahi, Associate Professor, UW ECE, Electrical & Computer Engineering

Denise Wilson, Professor; Photonics and Nano Devices, Data Science, Electrical & Computer Engineering


Che-Hao Hsu
Cory Lam
John Gannon
Pamel Kang