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Snohomish County

Retail Software Database Integration

The county routinely inspects workstations using a inventory technology installed on each workstation. With this tool the IT Department has identified over 7,200 different retail software types and versions installed across approximately 3,500 workstations. The number of licensed installations and users for each type/version of software varies from 1 to everyone. Several of the retail software types are duplicative, or multiple versions exist across the county due to varying business needs and purchase patterns over time. Snohomish County does not have a simplistic and user-friendly approach to search the different types, identify current use cases, or consolidate versions and types across the county. As Snohomish County expands their technical expertise within their workforce, this inventory scope is anticipated to grow exponentially. Snohomish County needs to easily identify standard products and deploy them quickly at a low cost of both time and cash outlay. This student team worked to understand Snohomish County employees' varying preferences, experience, and abilities in an effort to understand their use of software applications, as well as to determine how best to establish a simple and intuitive design for application acquisition on demand.

Faculty Adviser

Patty Buchanan, Assistant Teaching Professsor, Industrial & Systems Engineering


Kyle Sledge
Nicholas Shawger
Sahana Sundar