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Photonic Sentry

Mosquito Flight Monitoring: Benchmarking Performance of a Stereo Vision System

Photonic Sentry has developed the Photonic Fence Monitoring Device (PFMD) for entomologists to study the 3D flight behavior of insects with great accuracy. The student team benchmarked the positional accuracy of the system. The results of this work help Photonic Sentry develop updates to the software and data processing systems to improve data quality, as well as inform future clients of the limitations of the device.

Faculty Adviser

Payman Arabshahi, Associate Professor, UW ECE, Electrical & Computer Engineering

Alex Mamishev, Professor; Robotics and Controls, Photonics and Nano Devices, Power and Energy Systems, Electrical & Computer Engineering


Arush Sharma
Dylan Stockard
Quanchen Ding
Tyler Wong