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Fabrication Shop Layout Optimization

PACCAR’s Technical Centers in Europe and North America are equipped with state-of-the-art product development and validation capabilities and staffed with experts in powertrain and vehicle development. The advanced engineering tools in the technical centers, including 3-D prototype machines, road simulators, and supercomputers, are utilized to innovate and accelerate the launch of new products. The student team looked at existing fabrication shop layout and equipment to assess workflow needs, current infrastructure, equipment space requirements, storage solutions, foot traffic and more to provide a safe and efficient lab area and increase margin within existing footprint for the addition of new machinery and improved throughout. They then created an ideal floorplan with existing equipment - and room for future technologies- with the constraints of a new fab shop, as part of the proposed future facility expansion.

Faculty Adviser

Patty Buchanan, Assistant Teaching Professsor, Industrial & Systems Engineering


Ashley Allison
Karen Pan
Layan Badri
Zuhayr Laskar