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Developing In-situ DNA Hybridization Incubator for High Autofluorescence Tissue Sample

Fluorescence microscopy is a powerful tool for the spatial profiling of tissue samples and provides biological details at the high resolution up to single cell level and beyond. One common drawback in the approach is tissue autofluorescence background, which often overwhelms the target fluorescence signal and causes poor data quality. This student team worked to build a prototype module to reduce the tissue autofluorescence during sample preparation step using LED light illumination. They also focused on temperature and moisture control to achieve high efficiency for Nanostring in-situ DNA hybridization. Sample tests were performed to prove the functionality.

Faculty Adviser

Christopher Neils, Bioengineering

Alyssa Taylor, Bioengineering


Braden Ioveall
Brian Tran
Marissa Shumaker
Simranjeet Sidnu