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Capabilities for Deployable Multirotor UAVs from the AV Puma LE

This student team redesigned the airframe of a multirotor so it can fit two vehicles inside the same space. Each vehicle can be deployed independently and fly for 10 minutes providing video back to the operator. When components need to be folded on the airframe, the components deploy and the air vehicle regains control. The team used a tablet/smartphone to control the vehicle via LTE. The team used a Puma surrogate vehicle to design/modify the deployment of the multirotors to ensure the multirotor can recover from a tumbling condition and fly a mission safely with the LTE link prior to attempting with the surrogate vehicle.

Faculty Adviser

Erik Hurlen, Associate Teaching Professor, Aeronautics & Astronautics


Aidan Sleavin
Alexander Javor
John Purpura
Luke Sala
Red Dimaculangan
Simon Shimel