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Faculty Member Position Research Areas
Cao, Guozhong
(206) 616-9084
ROB 302M
Graduate Program Coordinator

Materials Science & Engineering
Boeing-Steiner Professor

Chemical Engineering
Boeing-Steiner Professor

Mechanical Engineering
Adjunct Professor

  • Engineering and energy
  • Engineering Nano And Microstructures For Excitonic Solar Cells: Dye- And Quantum Dot-sensitized Solar Cells, Inverted Polymer Solar Cells And Perovskite Solar Cells
  • Design And Controlled Synthesis Of Nanostructured Electrodes For Rechargeable Batteries: Alkaline-ion Batteries, Metal-oxygen Betteries, And Flow Batteries
  • Electrodes For Electric Double Layer Capacitors And Pseudocapacitors
  • Dielectrics, Ferroelectrics, And Piezoelectrics And Devices
Cao, Ting
(206) 543-2626
ROB 311
Materials Science & Engineering
Assistant Professor