Summer & Early Fall Programs

Students walking in front of archeological ruins

Summer and early fall programs allow students to study abroad without interrupting their engineering course plans during the academic year. Most programs charge a program fee in place of tuition which, in some cases, may be less expensive than studying at UW. Summer financial aid may be available to offset costs.

Note: If you plan to graduate in spring and would still like to participate in a summer or early fall program, there are additional steps you need to take. Contact Mike Engh for more information.

UW Faculty-Led Programs

UW faculty teach engineering courses as part of study abroad programs each year during summer and early fall terms. These programs are typically 3 to 4 weeks long, and UW students can earn up to 6 credits for their work during these courses. Faculty-led programs use the program location to help students learn intensively about the course topic.

Country Summer/Early Fall Programs Term
Australia Oceanography Australia Summer A Term
Italy Engineering Rome  Early Fall
Japan Engineering Japan: Exploring in the Heart of High-Tech Summer A Term
Jordan Engineering Jordan: Water in an Arid Land (next offered in 2020) Early Fall
Nepal Bioengineering Nepal: Technology Development for Global Health Early Fall
Switzerland EE Switzerland: Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering Abroad  Early Fall
UK HCDE UK: Exploring Human Centered Design in London  Early Fall

Find the full list of faculty-led programs available at UW Study Abroad. Program options change each year; the next year's program options and applications become will be available in December.

UW Partner Programs

Partner programs are approved by UW but administered by partner universities abroad. Programs range from 4 to 12 weeks, and regular UW credit is awarded for course and research work. Most partner programs in engineering are taught in English so proficiency in the local language is usually not required.

Many of the courses offered in these programs have been evaluated and approved for credit by UW departments. View the academic planning guide to see an updated list of UW credits that can be earned on these programs.