Crane Scholar Program for Undergraduate Research (Crane REU)

Crane Scholar Program for Undergraduate Research (Crane REU)

Students in need of financial assistance can gain invaluable experience working in campus laboratories with faculty on cutting-edge research. Crane Scholars from several engineering disciplines participate in research full-time through a summer quarter. Research topics included in the program, jointly adopted by the College of Engineering and Crane Company engineers and staff, include:

  • Analog power supply
  • The effects of radiation on space systems
  • Supply chain optimization
  • Lean manufacturing
  • Continuous improvement

Open to Seattle campus students, Crane REU is a full-time experience over the summer. Applicants to the Crane REU program should have a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) on file with the Student Office of Financial Aid.

Applications are not being accepted at this time. Check back in autumn.

To find out more about the Crane REU program, contact Ana Wieman (contact info at right).

Recent Research Involving Crane REU Students

researcher swallows camera pill

New Pill Camera Provides Little Discomfort

View this ABC News clip with UW mechanical engineer Eric Seibel taking visitors on a tour down his own throat. Seibel designed an easy-to-swallow fiber optic camera to search for damaged tissue where today's cameras cannot go.

chip image from lab

Wireless Sensing Lab

Read highlights of research projects (and social events) at the lab of Dr. Brian Otis, professor of electrical engineering.

About the Crane Foundation

The Crane Scholar program provides opportunities for top students to interact with engineers and leaders in cutting-edge research, and Crane is very excited about this unique opportunity to help future engineers build their skills. The Crane Foundation has been supporting higher education and civic organizations for 153 years. Crane Company's founder, R.T. Crane, believed that great success brings with it a great obligation to help others. Consequently, Crane's history is packed with acts of civic distinction and charity. These values are still alive today and demonstrated by the Crane Scholar program.