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Engineering Advocates

Engineering Advocates are trained staff in the College of Engineering who can connect you to additional resources, articulate possible next steps and support you in future conversations with other units if appropriate. Advocates can also keep you informed on what takes place following your report.

When a concern is submitted, your information is first received by only a small number of staff members within the Dean’s Office at the College of Engineering who have been appropriately trained. Depending on the nature of the report and your preferences, other pertinent individuals or offices may also be looped in. At this point there will be an option to meet with an Engineering Advocate.

We understand that anonymity and safety may be a concern for some who file under an incident report. If a case involves suspected child abuse or neglect, we do have legal reporting obligations. Under Executive Order 56, University employees are mandatory reporters for cases of suspected child abuse or neglect.

In cases that we don’t have legally mandated reporting requirements, we are required to ask for contact information initially for safety purposes. However, your identity is kept confidential. We are able to offer an anonymous option for cases where mandatory reporting is not required, and no names will be shared in conversations connected to your report moving forward. This can include advocating on your behalf in various meetings with your permission and input if desired.

By submitting a report, you have the option to receive tailored support and help the College of Engineering understand where interventions are needed to improve our community as a whole.

UW College of Engineering bias reporting step-by-step process

Infographic transcript: After filling out your form, a trained response team will review your submission. The next steps will be determined by your communication preferences and the situation. The options for next steps are 1) meet with advocate, 2) be connected with resources or 3) remain anonymous in further conversations.