Welcome Engineering Undeclared Majors!

collage of students with acceptance letters and a UW cupcake

If your admission letter or MyUW identifies your major as Engineering Undeclared, you've been admitted directly to the College of Engineering. Congratulations!

If your major is not Engineering Undeclared, learn about applying for admission to an engineering department later.

sample UW admission letter showing Engineering Undeclared status

You're in!

As an Engineering Undeclared student, you are guaranteed placement into an engineering major as long as you meet satisfactory academic progress requirements and complete the foundational coursework.

We're excited to welcome you to the engineering community!

If you have additional questions about what it means to be an Engineering Undeclared student at the UW, see Direct to College Admission FAQs.

What's next?

Welcome Message

Your Engineering Peer Educators (EPEs) want to say hello and congratulate you on getting admitted directly into the College of Engineering!