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Welcome to UW Engineering!

Congratulations, you're in!

We are excited to welcome you to the College of Engineering. Our faculty and staff look forward to meeting you on campus and being a part of your academic journey.

Your Engineering Peer Educators (EPEs) want to say hello and congratulate you on getting admitted directly into the College of Engineering!

Visit the New Huskies page to accept your offer, pay the New Student Enrollment & Orientation Fee or submit a fee deferral request, and create and manage your UW profile.

Plan to attend Admitted Student Day in-person on April 15.

Your Advising and Orientation (A&O) will be this summer! If you’re a U.S. resident, you may choose to attend your engineering orientation either July 12-13 or August 7-8. If you’re an international student, you will attend your A&O July 19-20 or 26-27.

At A&O you will:

  • Learn about academic planning for your engineering degree
  • Register for classes
  • Learn how AP, IB, A levels and running start credits may affect your schedule

Complete the chemistry placement exam

The first quarter of general chemistry (CHEM 142) is required for all engineering majors. If you aren’t bringing in any college credit for chemistry, you will need to take the chemistry placement exam in order to know which chemistry class to register for in the autumn.

The placement exam is free and available online. Make sure to complete it at least a week before your A&O date so that your score is added to your record before registration.

Complete the math guided self-placement

If you aren’t bringing in college credit for math, you are strongly encouraged to complete the guided self-placement to determine which math class you’re best prepared for. This online assessment will test your understanding in precalculus and calculus. The result of the placement test will determine if you should register for Math 120 (Precalculus) or 124 (Calculus I) for the fall.

The placement test  is free and available online. Make sure to complete it at least a week before your A&O date.

If you anticipate having college credit for one or more calculus courses, take a math final exam (see below) for the most advanced course you anticipate having credit for. Time yourself (60 mins) in order to determine if you’re ready to move on or if you’d benefit from taking that course again at the UW to ensure solid understanding. It’s common for students to take a calculus class that they already have credit for to build proficiency at the UW.

Final Exam Archives:

Have other test scores and transcripts available

Be sure you have access to all scores and unofficial transcripts for all possible college credit to show when you register for classes at A&O.

Below are resources on how credits are accepted at the UW:

Note that IB scores and AP scores from this year likely won’t be received and processed in your UW record until early to mid-July. A-level exam scores won’t be available until October.

If you are planning to live on campus, we highly encourage you to consider the Engineering Living Learning Community in Maple Hall.  It emphasizes community, collaboration and academic exploration for engineering students. Freshmen engineering students have first priority for housing in this building.

How to request housing in the Engineering Living Learning Community

  • Make your housing request during the priority 1 application (May 2-10).
  • Select the Engineering Community preference on your housing application. You will be placed if space is available.

Why live in an Engineering Community?

  • Easily form study groups with students in similar classes.
  • Access the Dabble Lab in Maple Hall which features 3-D printers, a laser cutter and design tools.
  • Build friendships with others who share common interests and goals.
  • Gain leadership experience by joining the Maple Hall Council.

Learn more about laptop specifications and other technology recommendations that will ensure you are well equipped for your time at the UW.


Have additional questions?

Learn more about what it means to be an Engineering Undeclared student at the UW. See the Direct to College Admission FAQs.

Left: Students in Assistant Professor Deok-Ho Kim's Lab working on Multiscale Biofabrication & Tissue Engineering. Top right: Engineering students work in class on campus Bottom right: UW student performs Materials Science and Engineering experiments in the MSE labs.

Explore UW Engineering

As a UW Engineering student, you are part of a supportive and innovative learning community that expands beyond the classroom. Enrich your experience by joining a student group, or become a mentor to your peers through one of our leadership programs. Get involved in research that changes the world or work directly with top industry partners through our industry capstone program. Explore the many available resources and opportunities as you chart your course.

Explore our departments

As an ENGRUD you will be able to request placement into every major in our departments (other than computer engineering).

Student support resources

We are committed to your success inside and outside the classroom with resources that cover academic, emotional and social support.

Visit us

Visit our beautiful campus and explore our facilities. Be advised that academic advisers are not able to meet with prospective students individually.

Accept your offer by May 1

Accept your offer, pay the New Student Enrollment & Orientation Fee or submit a fee deferral request through the New Huskies page.

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