Maintaining Student Status

Maintaining Student Status

Maintaining an Active Student Status

Deferring Admission

New students, graduate and graduate non-matriculated, must be enrolled for the quarter they have been admitted. Otherwise, the student will have to reapply or contact their academic department to defer admission to a subsequent quarter.

Dropping a Course

See the Course Registration page.

Leave Policy

Graduate Students: Graduate matriculated students requesting on-leave status must submit an online Request for On-Leave Status via MyGrad Program. Refer to Memo 9: On Leave Policy to Maintain Graduate Student Status for more information about this process.

Graduate non-matriculated (GNM) Students: GNM students may take three consecutive quarters off, (four, if you include summer), without having to reapply for admission. GNM students don't need to complete a leave of absence form or associated fee during the quarter of non-enrollment. Instead GNM students will automatically be ineligible to register once un-enrolled for the designated period of time.

Transferring Between the Online and On-Campus Program

Switching between an equivalent online and on-campus program is at the discretion of your academic department. To request a transfer, submit the completed Petition to Transfer form to your department's graduate academic adviser (AA, ISE, ME or AMATH) The form must be submitted and processed before enrolling in the effected quarter.