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Washington Engineer is a quarterly email newsletter with a message from the dean and a roundup of research highlights, campus news, events, and media stories featuring our faculty and students.

August 2018

In the August 2018 Washington Engineer:

  • Dean's Message - The dean celebrates the achievements of our students in the STARS program and the successes of our student teams in summer competitions.
  • Research - The first wireless flying robotic insect takes off; Apps for children should emphasize parent and child choice, researchers say
  • Campus News - UW to expand admission of computer science majors as freshmen; UW program helps disadvantaged students thrive in tough engineering college; UW professor and Clean Energy Institute director Daniel Schwartz wins highest U.S. award for STEM mentors
  • Events - Engineering for Social Good: Assistive Robots, Environmental Equity and Disaster Relief
  • In the Media - Addicted to your phone? New features could help limit use; Soccer on your tabletop: Will we be watching the next World Cup in AR?; These attack robots and their UW creators will take on the world at RoboMaster competition in China

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group photo of STARS students. Photo: Mark Stone/University of Washington
photo comparing a real fly and the slightly larger RoboFly. Photo: Mark Stone/University of Washington
soccer match in progress. Photo: KONSTANTINOS REMATAS ET AL

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