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Washington Engineer is a quarterly email newsletter with a message from the dean and a roundup of research highlights, campus news, events, and media stories featuring our faculty and students.

November 2018

In the November 2018 Washington Engineer:

  • Dean's Message - The dean touches on Paul G. Allen's death, innovation across the College of Engineering and the incoming freshman class.
  • Research - Flying blind: How a drone can soar without using GPS; Bus battle: Do private shuttles affect the reliability of public transit?; Prescience: Helping doctors predict the future
  • Campus News - UW, PNNL to host energy research center focusing on bio-inspired design and assembly; SCTL awarded $1.5M to improve goods delivery system; Marysville fifth-graders are engineers for a week
  • Events - Dean's Distinguished Lecture: From the Ground Up: Remaking Engineering Education; Women in Science & Engineering Conference
  • In the Media - Latinas hold only 2 percent of STEM jobs — these 5 women are working to fix that; Something's killing coho salmon in Seattle — car tires a prime suspect; Scientists showcase brain-to-brain communication with game of 3-player ‘Tetris’

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Four members of the team behind Prescience.
Marshall Elementary fifth-grader Talia Gibbs
From left to right: Jannie Fernandez , Josie Goytisolo, Cecilia Aragon, Jazlyn L. Carvajal, and Concha Gomez

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