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What is included?

Classroom teaching licenses (no research allowed)

Comsol Multiphysics version 5.6, 30 licenses
Acoustics Module, 30 licenses
CFD Module, 30 licenses
Chemical Reaction Engineering Module, 30 licenses
Heat Transfer Module, 30 licenses
LiveLink for Excel, 30 licenses
LiveLink for Matlab, 30 licenses
Material Library, 30 licenses
Microfluidics Module, 30 licenses
Nonlinear Structural Materials Module, 30 licenses
Particle Tracing Module, 30 licenses
Structural Mechanics Module, 30 licenses
Comsol Cluster Components

Academic Research licenses (non-commercial only)

Comsol Multiphysics version 5.6, 8 licenses
AC/DC Module, 1 license
Acoustics Module, 2 licenses
CAD Import Module, 1 license
CFD Module, 3 license
Heat Transfer Module, 1 license
LiveLink for Matlab, 2 licenses
LiveLink for Solidworks, 1 license
Material Library, 1 license
Nonlinear Structural Materials Module  1 license
RF Module, 2 license
Ray Optics Module, 2 license
Semiconductor Module, 1 license
Structural Mechanics Module, 2 licenses
Wave Optics Module, 2 license
Comsol Cluster Components

Obtaining the Software

Comsol can be ordered through the College of Engineering software purchasing site. 

Software Overview

COMSOL Multiphysics® is a general-purpose simulation software for modeling designs, devices, and processes in all fields of engineering, manufacturing, and scientific research. In addition to using multiphysics modeling for your own projects, you can also turn your models into simulation applications and digital twins for use by other design teams, manufacturing departments, test labs, customers, and more.

The platform product can be used on its own or expanded with functionality from any combination of add-on modules for simulating electromagnetics, structural mechanics, acoustics, fluid flow, heat transfer, and chemical engineering. The add-on modules and LiveLink™ products connect seamlessly for a modeling workflow that remains the same regardless of what you are modeling.

License Definitions and Details

Licenses are leased as concurrent use licenses within the College of Engineering pool.

The Concurrent Use License (CUL) may be installed on multiple machines but a license server will regulate the usage to the number of licenses leased. A CUL requires an internet connection to the license server in order to operate.

Using Comsol available through this program for commercial purposes is expressly excluded.

Licensing Questions

Comsol software provided here was funded by a Student Technology Fund(STF) proposal, 2019-74. and 2021-2.   Questions regarding Comsol licenses should be addressed to: