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Industry & Alumni

Faculty/Student/Research Partnerships

A gift to UW Engineering is an investment in the future. Private support is critical to turning out top flight engineers and pursuing transformative research as we compete against other top universities for the best and the brightest.


Sponsorships are a great way to gain visibility on campus, and face time with possible future employees. Many college-wide events that seek sponsorship draw thousands of participants.
Diversity & career events | Student clubs and competitions


An endowment is a permanent fund established for a specific purpose:

  • Attract and retain outstanding faculty and maintain excellence in teaching and research
  • Support for promising students to develop their talents
  • Provide discretionary funds, to be applied by the dean of Engineering or department chair, wherever needs are greatest.

You can establish an endowment with cash, securities, real estate, or through a bequest.

Scholarships and fellowships

Opening the door to future, talented engineers is an important step in ensuring continued engineering excellence in our nation. Financial support for promising undergraduate students can make all the difference. The creative synergy between faculty and graduate students makes great things happen. Financial support for graduate students provides tuition, books, and stipends which are crucial in recruiting top students.

Program support

From student clubs and competitions and Programs for Inclusive Excellence to specific research projects to continuing education, private funding is critical to continued success.

In-kind gifts

Furnishing laboratories with state-of-the-art equipment or software ensures our students the best opportunities for hands-on, real-world learning.

Gifts-in-kind are gifts of tangible personal property such as equipment, materials, company products or inventory.

Gifts of equipment and material
The UW encourages and appreciates gifts-in-kind, such as computer hardware and software, industry equipment, supplies for laboratories, library archive collections, and other materials that the university would otherwise need to purchase. Through gifts-in-kind, supporters help the university strengthen programs and improve facilities to provide the best possible educational experience to our students.

While in-kind donations are often received from businesses and corporations, individual donors also contribute many types of in-kind gifts.
Acceptance policy
All gifts-in-kind are reviewed, accepted and officially acknowledged. Prior to acceptance, the gift is reviewed to see if it meets campus needs. The UW reserves the right to decline any gift that does not further the university’s goals or may involve special maintenance or other conditions the university would be unable to satisfy. The donor is responsible for making arrangements to deliver the gift. Additional approvals may be required for works of art.
Appraisal guidelines
The UW does not provide gift valuation. In accordance with Internal Revenue Service regulations, the donor is responsible for determining the value of an accepted gift. If the estimated value of the gift exceeds $5,000, then a qualified appraisal is required by the IRS to substantiate a donor’s charitable deduction for gifts-in-kind. University personnel are not qualified appraisers, and federal regulations do not permit the university to give appraisals or estimates of value.

For taxation details, see IRS Publication 526.