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Krithika Manohar

Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering


Krithika Manohar

Research focus
Data-driven modeling and control, physics-informed machine learning, data-driven manufacturing, optimal sensor and actuator placement


Ph.D. Applied Mathematics, University of Washington, 2018
M.S. Applied Mathematics, University of Washington, 2015
B.S. Mathematics & Computer Science, University of Massachusetts Lowell, 2013

Krithika Manohar joined the Department of Mechanical Engineering last winter from Caltech, where she was the von Karman Instructor of Computing & Mathematical Sciences. Her research focuses on data-driven modeling and control of complex, large-scale physical and engineering systems.

Manohar uses machine learning, dimensionality reduction and operator theoretic tools to develop algorithms for efficient, interpretable and robust data-driven models. These computational tools enable optimization, sensing and control of complex systems in fluid dynamics, biology and manufacturing. Her work on optimal sensor placement has been used for predictive shimming of aircraft and successfully transitioned into the manufacturing pipeline at Boeing. She is a recipient of the NSF Mathematical Sciences Postdoctoral Research Fellowship and the Boeing Award for Excellence in Research at the University of Washington.