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Washington Engineer is a quarterly email newsletter with a message from the dean and a roundup of research highlights, campus news, events, and media stories featuring our faculty and students.

February 2019

In the February 2019 Washington Engineer:

  • Dean's Message - The dean touches on College of Engineering research for social good, recent awards and preparing students for their future careers.
  • Research - First smartphone app to detect opioid overdose; A new houseplant that can clean your home’s air; Underwater sensors for monitoring sea life.
  • Campus News - Awards from U.S. Energy Department fuel UW solar cell research; Meet the MILL; UW-led philosophy team receives $1.5M grant to study the ethics of neurotechnology research.
  • Events - Women in Science and Engineering Conference; AMP Lab Open House; Cybersecurity and Technology Futures.
  • In the Media - UW researchers attach sensors to bumblebees; Scientists seek to tame Highway 520 bridge noise across Lake Washington; Rental gear available for scientists responding to natural disasters.

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