Alumni Profiles

Alumna Tami Bond (MSME '93, Interdisciplinary PhD '00) is recognized as a leading researcher on the effects of black carbon emission and atmospheric pollution on global climate and human health and a 2014 MacArthur Fellow.
Mechanical Engineering alumnus Peter Janicki (MS ’89) is the founder of Janicki Industries, a global leader in design and manufacture of composite tooling.
Greg Johnson (AA '77) piloted the space shuttle Atlantis on the last service mission to the Hubble Space Telescope.
Mechanical Engineering alumnus Krishna Nadella (PhD '09, MS '02) is Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of MicroGREEN Polymers.
Recognized as the father of bioengineering, Mechanical Engineering alumnus Wayne Quinton (MS '59) founded Quinton Instruments, a pioneering innovator in medical devices ranging from treadmills to cardiac diagnostic equipment.
Marleen Martinez (BSAA '06) develops spacecraft for lunar exploration for the Lockheed Martin team at NASA Johnson Space Center. She hopes her work with the Avionics Systems Engineering Group will realize her goal of becoming an astronaut. Closer to home, Martinez offered her insights to help develop STARS program that supports highly motivated students who are eligible for financial aid. Martinez was featured on PBS' Makers: Women in Space at about 49:00:00.