Community of Innovators Awards

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The Community of Innovators Awards were presented on May 15, 2014 in the Microsoft Atrium of the Paul G. Allen Center for Computer Science & Engineering.

2014 Community of Innovators Awardees

Faculty Innovator: Research — Julie Kientz (HCDE)

Faculty Innovator: Teaching and Learning — Eric Klavins (EE)

Faculty Innovator: Junior — Jim Pfaendtner (ChemE) and Marco Rolandi (MSE)

Student Innovator: Teaching — Chi Hou Lei (ME)

Student Innovator: Research — Shiri Azenkot (CSE)

Staff Innovator: Professional — Heather Wilson (CEE)

Staff Innovator: Classified — Joel Cohn (CSE)

2014 Community of Innovators Awards Nominees

Faculty Innovator: Research
W. Art Chaovalitwongse (ISE)
Julie Kientz (HCDE)
Eric Seibel (ME)

Faculty Innovator: Teaching and Learning
Andrew Davidson (HCDE)
Joe Garbini (ME)
Eric Klavins (EE)
Beth Kolko (HCDE)
Daniel Schwartz (ChemE)

Faculty Innovator: Junior
Shyamnath Gollakota (CSE)
Jim Pfaendtner (ChemE)
Brian Polagye (ME)
Marco Rolandi (MSE)
Kate Starbird (HCDE)

Student Innovator: Teaching
Amirhossein Amini (ME)
Chi Hou Lei (ME)
Yihyan Lin (ME)
Scott Wilcox (ME)

Student Innovator: Research
Shiri Azenkot (CSE)
Qian Nataly Chen (ME)

Staff Innovator: Professional
Jim Borgford-Parnell (Dean's Office)
Al Brower (Dean’s Office)
J. Edward Connery (A&A)
Melody Kadenko (CSE)
DJ Miller (HCDE)
Suzanne Millstein (CSE)
Lucia Petersen (ME)
Jennifer Tsai (ISE)
Dawn Wiggin Esselstrom (Dean's Office)
Heather Wilson (CEE)
Jennifer Worrell (CSE)

Staff Innovator: Classified
Cassie Atkinson-Edwards (HCDE)
Joel Cohn (CSE)
Megan Goodenkauf (CEE)
Sydney Martin (Dean’s office)
Sandra Ngo (CEE)

About the Awards

The Community of Innovators Awards acknowledge the extraordinary efforts of the college’s teaching and research assistants, staff, and faculty members. The categories are:

During the month of February, students, staff, and faculty members can submit online nominations for these awards. After all nominations have been received, they are reviewed by ad hoc committees who recommend the top candidates to the Dean for the final decision. Award recipients are selected in early May and are notified directly by the Dean.

Awardees and nominees are acknowledged at a college-wide reception at the end of the academic year.