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August 21, 2014 | UW Today

What She Did this Summer: NSF Research Experience & Mentoring Prgm.

incoming freshman Trinh Ha interprets a poster for onlookers

Math Academy alumna and 2014 STARS student Trinh Ha presented her research project on electrochromatic windows at the Summer Undergraduate Research Poster Session. Ha conducted her research under the guidance and mentorship of Minoru Taya, a UW professor of mechanical engineering. She was one of dozens of participants from several summer research programs to participate in the popular Summer Undergraduate Research Poster Session.

June 6, 2014 | UW Chemical Engineering

Student-run Biodiesel Coop. gets UW Campus Sustainability Fund Grant

Undergraduates (from left) Tony Serna, Wyatt Curtis, Rowdy Roddick, Cameron McCallum, Tami McTaggart, Sam Wilson, Lauren Alexander, and Zach LaTurner are transforming a vacant lot into the new home of the UW Biodiesel Cooperative.

Recent ChemE grads Tami McTaggart and Lauren Alexander share a vision of the future of the UW Biodoesel Cooperative. Along with their fellow officers, they picture a working laboratory where undergraduate students produce biodiesel fuel, manage a non-profit business, educate the community about alternative fuels — and have fun! Their ambitious plans recently got a boost from the UW Campus Sustainability Fund (CSF) in the form of an $89,000 grant award to house and operate a biodiesel reactor that converts used cooking oil generated by campus restaurants into fuel-grade biodiesel. Read about the Biodiesel Cooperative.

Nicole Trosper

May 5, 2014 | UW Bioengineering

BioE senior receives Bonderman Travel Fellowship

Nicole Trosper, a bioengineering undergrad, received a 2014 Bonderman Travel Fellowship, which allows students to pursue the life-changing benefits of travel – without undertaking academic study or research during the award term. Trosper plans to travel to Brazil, southeastern Africa, Cambodia and Vietnam. She is interested in seeing the role of medicine and engineering across cultures, and how the disciplines enhance cultural identity. Read about all the 2014 UW Bonderman fellows.

Raj Makker, from Trestle, holds the team's easy-to-install wireless router

April 29, 2014 | Buerk Center for Entrepreneurship

Six engineering teams in the BPC Sweet 16!

Congratulations to 6 teams with roots in UW engineering that have advanced to the Sweet 16 Round of the Business Plan Competition: Aurora Plasmonics, Flu Finder, Ionometal Technologies, OpsMagic, Spectral DNA, and Trestle. The final round is on Thursday May 22 and is open to the public.

Chris Burfeind at work on designing new cancer detection device

February 19, 2014 | King 5 News

Undergraduate researcher makes significant contribution to cancer detection tool

Mechanical engineering junior Chris Burfeind, while working with professor Eric Siebel in the UW's Human Photonics Lab, found a way to improve a microfluidic device to allow a better look at biopsy samples and potentially improve diagnosis of pancreatic cancer. At the UW, the number of undergrads participating in research has nearly doubled in the past 5 years. See also, UW Today article.

2013 Amgen Scholars Zachary Jarin and Ross Jones

October, 2013 | UW

2013 Amgen Scholars at the UW

Of 25 Amgen Scholars in 2013, two are UW engineering students and several visited the UW last summer to participate in research.

Zachary Jarin, UW ChemE class of 2014, worked in the Pfaendtner research group, using multiscale modeling to understand problems with real world applications.

Ross Jones, UW BioE class of 2014, aims to automatically quantify apoptosis and DNA damage of cell samples. In the Ruohola-Baker lab, Ross has researched metabolomics of stem cells during development and helped investigate micro RNA secondary structure.

The UW welcomed Amgen Scholars from around the country to participate in research. Alissa Bleem, Montana State, worked with BioE Associate Professor Wendy Thomas; Danielle Bright, Seattle U, worked in Kim Woodrow's lab; Matthew Kahabka, Clarkson University worked with ChemE Assistant professor Lilo Pozzo; and Julia Zhao, Rice University, worked in Dr. Suzie Pun's lab.

Lens attached to smartphone shows leaf details

August, 2013 | GeekWire

Recent grad develops $15 microscope lens for smartphones

Recent ME grad Thomas Larson has launched a campaign to develop a simple but powerful microscope for smartphones. He was asking for $5000, but funding has snowballed to more than $90,000! Larson conceptualized the smartphone accessory in the 2013 Business Plan Competition and Nate Sniadecki's Cell Biomechanics lab. At the UW last year, Larson won 3rd place at the UW SEBA Science and Technology Showcases and 1st Place for Best Technical Presentation at Pacific District D of ASME and 1st Place for the Student Presentation Competition at Western Washington section of ASME.

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