For Current Students: Get Connected

The Engineering Community and student groups put on events every quarter to help students explore engineering disciplines and connect to opportunities in the college. Check the events out below, and mark your calendars! While you're at it, check out the engineering calendar and student activities.

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Special Events Each Quarter

Autumn Engineering Societies Fair

two women looking at brochure at Engineering Societies Fair

October, 2015 event details to be announced.

There's more to the college experience than the classroom. Meet members from engineering clubs and organizations, such as the Formula Motorsports team, the Society of Women Engineers, the Human Powered Sub team, and Engineers Without Borders. Learn what they do and how to get involved.

Engineering Exploration Night

students and alumna in discussion at Engineering Exploration Night

January, 2016 event details to be announced.

Find out firsthand what being an engineer in industry is all about. Meet UW engineering alumni from companies such as Boeing, Amazon, and Microsoft and ask your burning questions about engineering fields and professional careers. Free dinner!

Engineering Majors Fair

students at engineering fair

Wednesday, April 29th, 3:30-6:30 pm
HUB 250
Registration not required.

Students from all engineering departments answer questions about their majors and share their experiences and suggestions.


Ongoing Academic Support and Advising

entrance to Student Academic Services office in 301 Loew Hall


Pre-engineering students can meet with any adviser in Student Academic Services for help with:

  • Exploring academic interests
  • Developing plans for your major
  • Understanding and completing requirements
  • Avoiding or overcoming administrative problems
  • Developing a sense of purpose in your undergraduate education

Learn about scheduling advising appointments, drop-in advising, and group advising sessions at Academics & Advising.

Engineering Academic Center

Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Location: Loew Hall 207, 213, and 215
Registration not required.

The Engineering Academic Center (EAC) is a place where white boards are brimming with equations worked over by students to hone the skills they need to succeed in introductory math, physics or chemistry courses. Workshop participants, usually 10 to 20 students, meet twice a week in study groups and form learning communities.

Learn more at Engineering Academic Center.

Group Advising

The session dates and times are to be announced
Groups meet in Loew Hall 014
Registration for group sessions will open soon

Meet other pre-engineering students and learn from each other’s questions and experiences at one of our group advising sessions! Group advising sessions are held periodically throughout the year and are a great opportunity to discuss topics with an adviser while also connecting with your peers.

Peer and Alumni Support

Peer Mentor Program

Find a Mentor button and link The CoE Peer Mentor Program helps connect first and second-year students with upperclassmen studying engineering. Search the Peer Mentor list for an engineering student whose interests align with your own. Ask them questions, hear about their experiences, and get some friendly advice!


BYOM (Bring Your Own Mug)

Autumn, Winter and Spring quarters
Location Paul G. Allen Center Atrium (look for BYOM sign)
Registration: Required.

Learn more about engineering fields and what alumni do after graduation. Gain perspective from someone who has been in your shoes and is now working in industry. At informal BYOM sessions throughout the school year, students meet with alumni at ReBoot Cafe on campus to ask questions about working and life outside of the university.

UW's College of Engineering provides the alumni, you provide the mug and beverage.


Diversity Programs

Here are a few highlights of the programs that support women, underrepresented minorities, and low-income students.

Learn more about UW Engineering's Diversity Programs.


UW Engineering Calendar

More calendars: Engr Student Activities  | UW Engineering  | UW Seattle

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Engineering Student Teams Competing in the 2015 Environmental Innovation Challenge

Polydrop team member Volha Hrechka describes their project to an EIC judge Out of 22 regional student teams selected to compete this year, 10 teams are based in UW engineering departments:


The BrightBike has a revolutionary set of features designed to make it an irresistible alternative to driving.
From Mechanical Engineering: Max Goodwin, Henry Kellogg, Jonathan Morasch, David Law, and Jonathan Morasch. With Foster MBA students Kyle Huber, David Meers, and Richard Hendricks.

Extrusion Electronics

3D printing with a conductive plastic filament, enabling makers to create and replicate simple electronics at home.
From Chemical Engineering: Kiran Kanekal, John Lenz, Scott Parkin, Reilly Proudsworth, and Michael Stafford.


A portable thermoelectric generator that turns cooking fires into personal power stations in countries that are otherwise off the grid.
From Mechanical Engineering: Daniel Parrish, Ryan Ahearn, and Aaron Owen.


A flexible and lightweight polymer-based solar cell.
From Materials Science & Engineering: Nam Chul Cho, Caitlin Cramer, Adharsh Rajagopal, and Brian Tran.


A home automation hub that converts existing electronics to smart devices to decrease energy consumption, improve home safety, and reduce waste.
From Electrical Engineering: Rahil Jain with Robert Moehle (Foster MBA).

Illuminant Diagnostics

A biosensor empowered by nanotechnology that provides rapid, mobile bacteria detection.
From Chemical Engineering: David Galvan, Erika Green, Hannah Morgan, Jason Smith, and Yajie Zhu.

Ion Informatics

A proprietary technology that provides critical information to battery operators, prolonging the useful life of the battery.
From Chemical Engineering: Charles Daitch, Brendan Erickson, Daniel Gilbert, Matthew Murbach, and Arianna Whitten. With Uttara Sahaym (Foster MBA).

Marine Situ

Environmental monitoring solutions that facilitate the sustainable development of marine renewable energy.
From Mechanical Engineering: Emma Dewitt Cotter, Trevor Harrison, and James Joslin.


A web-based industrial energy monitoring system that enables users to monitor machine-specific power consumption.
From Electrical Engineering: Ryan Jacobson and Natat Premvuti, with James Franck (Foster MBA).


A low-cost disposable protein purification system that uses more environmentally friendly materials than existing technology.
From Chemical Engineering: John Cisney, Tiffany Du, Chase Groves, Jessica Soto-Rodriguez, and Cameron Walters.

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