Application Overview

Participants will be selected via an application process. Space is limited, and we want to make sure that all participants fit the profile of our target audience:

PhD-level women working as scientists or engineers in industry, government labs, etc., who are interested into transitioning into tenured or tenure-track jobs in academia.

Consideration will be given to women engineers and scientists who have earned their Ph.D. degrees and are currently working in industry, consulting, research laboratories and/or national laboratories. Preference will be given to minority applicants, to those interested in pursuing academic leadership positions, and to those whose career trajectory makes them prime candidates for future academic leadership positions.

Please note, this workshop is NOT designed for research faculty, PhD students, graduate students, or post-docs on university campuses.

Application Information

To complete the application to On-Ramps into Academia, you must do the following:

  • To be completed online:

    1. A mandatory online questionnaire. This survey will provide to us information about your professional experiences. Estimated completion time: 15 minutes.
    2. This online questionnaire also includes two one-page essays:
      1. One-paragraph (maximum 600 characters) statement describing the applicant’s expectations for "On-Ramps into Academia" and how attending will aid her short and long-term career goals. This is Question 24 on the application.
      2. One paragraph (maximum 600 characters) statement explaining her research and teaching program and interests. This is Question 23 on the application.

  • To be submitted via email to
    1. Resume or Curriculum Vitae

We strongly advise applicants to prepare the two personal statements (Questions 23 and 24 on the application) BEFORE beginning the online application process. It will be possible to cut and paste the statement texts into the online form.

Application Deadline

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis and close on August 31, 2012.





Last Updated: June 7, 2010

This program is made possible through a National Science Foundation grant (HRD-0819407). The project is titled "ADVANCE Partnerships for Adaptation, Implementation, and Dissemination (PAID) Award: On-Ramps into Academia." Any opinion, finding, and conclusion or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation.