Washington Engineer
October 2019
Nancy Allbritton sitting in a lab
Dr. Nancy Allbritton becomes UW Engineering's new dean in November.
LEAD-IT-YOURSELF online toolkit
Learn to conduct a LEAD-inspired workshop to advance STEM faculty diversity.
one of two senders looking at receiver
Brain games
A method for two people help a third person solve a task using only their minds.
Sleeping baby with a smart speaker prototype monitoring its breathing
White noise to monitor breathing
A new smart speaker skill uses white noise to soothe sleeping babies and monitor their breathing.
Julie Kientz
Julie Kientz is HCDE interim chair
Julie Kientz stepped into the role of interim chair for Human Centered Design & Engineering.
A scanning electron micrograph image of the surface of the optical element.
Metamaterial manipulates light
A 3D-printed metamaterial manipulates light with nanoscale precision.
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