Washington Engineer

July 2019


Fueled by floods


UW researchers are studying how hydropower on the Mekong River will impact farms and fisheries.

A doctor uses the app to check his daughter's ear
Hearing ear infections
A smartphone app detects fluid behind the eardrum.
Greg Miller
Greg Miller appointed interim dean
Greg Miller is the interim dean of the College of Engineering effective July 1.
Magdalena Balazinska
Magda Balazinska named Allen School director
Magdalena Balazinska has been named the next director of the Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering.
a hand pointing to the paper model
Softening the blow: origami for cars, reusable spacecraft
Origami inspires a novel solution to reduce the forces associated with impact.
Kristi Morgansen
Kristi Morgansen appointed A&A chair
Kristi Morgansen has accepted the position of chair for the aeronautics and astronautics department.
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