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Making Contacts

* Using your same contacts and relationships from years before is a good way to schedule visits year after year.*


A good place to start to find schools and programs to visit is to look within your college of engineering for other outreach programs or connections. If no such programs exist, you can contact local public schools and request meetings with the heads of science and math departments, or find out if you can come present at their internal department meetings. We got many visit requests from presenting at the district-wide meeting of the Seattle Public Schools science teachers. If you do this, be sure to bring a presenter along as the teachers will be interested in seeing the type of person that will be meeting with their students. We also have a very successful connection with the Girl Scouts.

Keep track of the contacts you meet, as a lot of them will want to schedule return visits with you!

We keep all our contact information and details of each visit in a Microsoft Access database. This makes it easy to keep in touch with contacts and to remember quickly which presenters did the visit and what activity was done. You can also keep notes on how well the visit went; if the girls were entertained; if the PowerPoint presentation was too long, etc. All of those things will help alter the presentation for a return visit to the school or program.


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