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Make a difference in your local community.

A women's initiative is an outreach program where women studying engineering at the university level go out into the community and visit with pre-college girls. The goals of a visit are to:

  • break engineering stereotypes
  • educate the girls about going to college
  • talk about studying engineering as a major
  • explore career pathways in engineering
  • demonstrate the engineering design process through hands-on activities

This website is designed to be a resource for beginning and maintaining a women's initiative (WI) outreach program like the ones at the University of Washington and MIT. Start with the Introduction section to get familiar with the program and how to use the website.

If you are considering starting a women's initiative, then head to the First Year of the Program section. This will cover all the ideas necessary to get your program up and running.

If you already have a women's initiative up and running, check out our section on tips for Maintaining your program.

While creating your program, you may want to simply refer to our Materials section to reference or download some of the files we have collected and use in the University of Washington Women's Initiative (UWWI).

To see the websites of the existing women's initiatives across the country, see our links to the other Women's Initiative Pages.

Finally, to learn a little bit more about us here at UWWI or to contact us with any questions, see our About Us page.




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