Washington Engineer

January 2020

UW student speaking with a group of Indian students
A study abroad program in Bangalore empowers UW students to work on some of the century’s most pressing problems.
An image of neurons under a microscope
Neurohub unites UCSF, UC Berkeley, UW
A $106 million initiative will help researchers find new treatments for brain diseases.
Five hands making fists in a circle. All arms have black Fitbit trackers on them.
Discrimination events and college students' behavior
UW researchers used Fitbit data to study how discrimination affects college students.
UW President Ana Mari Cauce and WSU President Kirk Schulz standing together behind a podium
UW and WSU launch Center for an Informed Public
The Center will combat what researchers call the 'misinformation epidemic.'
A healthy reef in Indonesia teems with life
Aerospace engineer part of grant to study corals
A team has received a $1.7 million grant to study coral growth.
The surface of a solar cell, and which sections of the surface are susceptible to heat loss
Mapping strain in next-gen solar cells
Researchers developed a new way to illuminate strain in solar cells without harming them.
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